Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Versatile Blogger Award!

Andrew, from 1001 Movies I (Apparently) Must See Before I Die, was kind enough to AGAIN nominate me for an award!  This guy is an amazing writer (and my personal blogging guardian angel) so be sure to check him out!  I am always checking his sites for updates and every time I see a new movie, I have to see what he says about it!  Click here to get to his site!

So the rules state that I must now state seven interesting facts about myself.  Here we go!
1. Everyone in my family calls me Panda.  My sister actually got a panda tattoo on her leg just for me!
2. This one is for you Ray.  I absolutely love British candy!  My favorites are Fizzy Strawberry Laces, Milky Bars, Cadbury Fudge, and Galaxy chocolate.
3. I am super good at jigsaw puzzles.  I do some of my best thinking when I am working on a puzzle.
4. I visited a psychic once with my sister.  He said that I was also psychic and that he could see me being divorced quite a few times.  It was a very strange experience!
5. I skipped the crawling phase altogether when I was kid and would instead roll everywhere.
6. I think the most attractive thing a man can have is a good sense of humor.  And good arms...
7. I am an atheist but when I was little I used to carry around a small New Testament every where I went.
8. I have a really brilliant older brother who gives the best advice and has always helped me out in classes.  We will all be working for him one day.
9. When I get nervous (like when a guy I like hits on me), I start to feel really nauseated.  So no compliments please!
10.  I rode a horse to the top of a mountain in Maui.  It was incredibly beautiful but the riding hurt like hell.  How do people do that?
11.  When I wasn't rolling into furniture, I was making up intricate universes with my sister, using Beanie Babies in Barbie houses.  Some families were communists, while others were single mothers trying to make it in the world.

My final task is to nominate other bloggers for the Award.  As always, though, I am a few short on blogs to nominate.  If you want me to check out your blog, you can leave your URL in the comments; I love finding new blogs to read!

I always have fun with these and I hope you enjoyed reading my answers.  Ugh, fun's over; back to Bergman.


  1. When I'm working for your brother I expect you to put in a good word for me and get me a decent salary!

    This was great Amanda! Thanks for participating, it was a really fun read! You earned it!

  2. Congrats Amanda! I absolutely loved reading about you--you are such an interesting person! AND, as always, I love your reviews! You are the perfect person for this award!