Wednesday, July 2, 2014

482. Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby
Directed by Roman Polanski

I often talk about how much I love horror films, often to strangers I have just met, much to their chagrin.  Movies just don't get more visual, more interactive, and more memorable than when blood is spurting everywhere.  Well, the blood is optional but you get the point.

Rosemary's Baby is one of the best horror films I have ever seen.  It is certainly not the scariest (although the last scene always gave me the creeps; what you don't see always scares me more than what you do see), but it is a really thrilling ride.

Rosemary and her husband Guy move into a new apartment which even beats Rear Window for the Creepiest Neighbors Award.  They decide to have a baby but the conception...well, let's just say it is grounds for divorce.  Slowly (a little too slowly sometimes), Rosemary realizes that something is wrong.

The most vulnerable beings I can think of are infants and pregnant women.  Both of these things are in danger throughout the entire film.  Additionally, I have a great support system, and I can't think of anything more terrifying than realizing I can't trust anyone.

I am not saying this is the best film but it is definitely worth a watch, particularly if you are interested in studying the development of the horror genre.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Mia Farrow was served divorce papers on set.

Mia Farrow actually ate real raw liver for the film.

Said to be an extremely faithful adaptation of the book.



  1. This is the sort of thing I mean when I admit to liking horror films.
    I detest the likes of 'Evil Dead', 'Hills have eyes' and Texas chainsaw..'
    This is much more fun...

  2. I hate all the ones you mentioned as well, although there are other slashers I like (Scream, Friday the 13th, etc).

  3. I totally disagree on Texas Chainsaw. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is great. One of the greatest horror films of all time. They still can't copy it today, no matter how much they try. It will be interesting when you review it.

    1. What did you like about it? I am surprised I didn't like it because I usually love slashers. I think it was because they is no element of comedy or fun about it.

  4. What I liked about it is what you didn't like. I like how serious and intense it is. I like that it feels like a real situation. Plus, the cinematography works well and the acting is even good, for this sort of thing. Plus, the movie continues to influence horror films to this day, and I feel this movie is far superior to most in this genre. Actually, based on quality and influence I would rate Texas Chainsaw Massacre as one of the greatest films for any genre. I also like the Hills Have Eyes for many of the same reasons. Evil Dead is ok for what it is. I actually prefer Evil Dead II because I do like some horror/comedies and feel it is one of the best. Sorry, I guess we can't agree on what makes a great horror film.

  5. Hmmmm this is a good topic! I don't think humor is needed for a good horror film but it is needed for a good slasher. Evil Dead and Hills I hated because of the rapes. I didn't think the quality was that great in Texas. Like when her brother dies in the wheelchair? Not great filmmaking, in my opinion.

    1. Larry and I were just discussing on my blog how we don't agree that often and I have to say, I'm glad to come to his rescue in this argument, though I do respect everyone's opinion.

      I've always really enjoyed Texas Chainsaw Massacre because it always gave me that hand on your shoulder in a dark room feeling. It's genuinely creepy and I get the sense that if I traveled to some backwoods part of Texas, these crazies would actually be there ready to suck the meat off my fingers and then some. To me, it ranks well because it can make you feel like you shouldn't even be watching it and give you feelings like there's bugs crawling on you or something. Just a genuinely creepy movie, as far as I'm concerned.

      Slashers in general though, I can usually do without, though I'll admit to liking the original Evil Dead and Halloween is one of my all time favorite movies period.

      I also like Rosemary's Baby too though...

    2. I guess I just like to think that I am watching more than just a disgusting gorefest? Maybe I am just deluding myself into thinking there is more substance in some horror movies than others? I don't know!

    3. Glad to see Andrew stepping in.. because I was starting to feel like we were rather heavily picking on Larry, and that's not nice.. Now it;s two all..
      But I'm going to continue to be on Amanda's side.. and also say that I DO think some horror films have more substance than others,, No, in . my opinion Amanda, you are not deluding yourself.. And I still fail to see the attraction - desirability - of gratuitous sexual assault for purely sensationalist viewing.

      Sorry guys, and I'm not saying you watch them for this reason.. but I firmly believe that the majority of the audience for Evil dead, hills, Texas etc ARE watching for the thrill of seeing someone ripped to pieces.. and to hope to see a flash of female flesh and her being .. treated that way...
      Enough. I'm starting to sound pompous.. and I have to move on this morning.. I believe I have an appointment to disagree with Amanda(and hopefully side with Andrew), as we have a Bergman coming next..

  6. Well, humour in a horror film.. I sort of think that becomes a separate sub-genre... and only really works when sending up teen slasher pics.. (scream.. final destination etc) But even teen slasher films are (to me, sorry Larry) have more to them than gore fests like this.. and I've never seen any of the more extreme end of the market - beyond Texas chain saw - (cannibal Holocaust etc).
    For another list I recently had to do Evil Dead II. I had to ff through large chunks..Sorry again Larry, but I'm afraid I'm going to use 'repulsive' to describe how I found it.It seemed nothing more than just stringing together repeated images of doing horrible things to people for.. enjoyment? I'm going to sound awfully PC here, but mutilation and rape.. for fun?
    Sorry, sorry sorry Larry.. reading this back to myself sounds like I've rather rounded on you.. not my intention.

  7. Sorry.. I forgot this is supposed to be abouy 'Rosemary'.. we perhaps should continue this topic under 'Texas chainsaw'...
    partly because I have just seen a contradiction in my own argument.. even this film - which I try to claim be be somehow better than gorefests contains a rape. MMmmmm.. Am I on dodgy ground here?
    I would claim a difference. The rape here is to give us sympathy with Rosemary, to show her as a victim of something horrible..
    In gorefest it is done in a very different style and is INTENDED to create a reaction amoungst its prime audience (drunk teen boys) of 'Yeeeeeaaarrrr! phwwwwarr look at that.. you saw her tits!' - a seriously disturbing thought.

    1. I completely agree. Why was the rape scene even present in Evil Dead? Just completely disgusting with no substance or message.

  8. My two cents on that discussion is that I much prefer the style of Rosemary's Baby to that of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is what you do not see and do not entirely know that is scary. Gore does very little for me, but the feeling of being trapped is horrifying.