Friday, July 11, 2014

489. Vargtimmen

Hour of the Wolf
Directed by Ingmar Bergman

Well, here we are again.  We all have the drill down by now?  I hate this filmmaker and his style?  So let's get in and get out people!

Confusing things start to happen but we don't know if they are actually happening or if they are imaginary.  This movie probably has the most intriguing premise, but the delivery is just the same as his other films; which I always hate.

Is the slew of Bergman over yet?  Can I please open my eyes again??

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

The Hour of the Wolf is said to be around 4 am.



  1. Ok.. even I will give you that for a Bergman defender to a Bergman skeptic, this one is NOT one I would use to try and win you over..
    Not an easy one at all...
    Is it over for you?
    Perhaps, just perhaps.. if you are ever tempted to try again.. I believe in newer editions of The Book.. one of Mr. B's tougher films (and I don't know which) has been replaced with 'Summer with Monica'. maybe one day???

  2. Sorry that you are struggling through these Bergman films so much .I like this one, but it is not one of my favorite Bergman films. Von Sydow carries it and in my view, the movie is worth it for his performance. Still I feel there are much better Bergman films. Persona, The Seventh Seal, and Shame all come to mind.

  3. Hi again Larry.. with you all the way on this...
    (sorry Amanda.. he deserves a break after the hard times we gave him for Gorefest films..)

  4. I will take your side here, Amanda. This was a big mess for me and at some point I just zoned out.
    For a vampire movie this is just terrible.