Friday, July 11, 2014

488. 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey
Directed by Stanley Kubrick

So since we warmed up with a nice dull Bergman film for the last entry, why don't we tackle the epitome of boring films: 2001: A Space Odyssey?  Don't worry, there is another Bergman after this that we can use as a cool down.

In the history of uninteresting movies, this one might have the most promising beginning.  The opening scene is so iconic that it should be the one scene you don't fast forward through. The 140+ minute film centers on a manned expedition that is slowly derailed by the spaceship's unbalanced computer named HAL.

I feel like the concept of a computer becoming dangerous has the potential to be a mediocre sci fi film.  However, that is not the direction Kubrick takes with it so it is simply a terrible and pretentious horror.  I am not referring to the horror genre here; I am referring to what I felt every time I would glance at the screen.

Some people, of course, think this is a masterpiece and I can see where they are coming from (most likely a very high horse).  Cinematically, it is quite beautiful.  But honestly, I am more of a story person.  And less of a no compelling story at all person.


RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

241 people walked out of one of the first screenings.

There is 24 minutes of footage before there is any dialogue in the film.



  1. I like this film, but don't love it. I do respect it because Kubrick is one of those filmmakers who always did his own thing. This film is a visionary wonder in places, and in some ways was ahead of its time. I do, however, feel the film is a bit too long and uneven in places. I can actually find the arguments for and against this film equally compelling. I am actually in the middle on this one.

  2. I saw this only a few years after it came out in a (then) state of the art cinema - ie it had a wide screen and stereo sound and remember being impressed.. and no i wasn't on anything (well, in retrospect, maybe unintentionally by breathing in the smoke of others)
    Since then.. I've seen bits fairly frequently, but never manager to watch the whole thing, in one go, without ff ing trough all the trippy bits.
    I'm mostly with Larry on this one.. I (sort of) like it, and believe it is very deserving of it's place in the book...far ahead of it's time... but oh boy.. is it LONG - and .. pause... ok Amanda, you have a point.. boring.. in places. I decidedly said "in places". (and that come from someone who can happily cope with long slow films)
    But you have never been happy with Kubrick anyway have you?

  3. I actually did really like The Shining! So one day I will like him! But I agree Larry, this movie is super uneven.

  4. I saw this when it was first out in the theatre and being young, didn't understand any of it. Tried to watch it again years later and realized that I still didn't get it, didn't like it and it was way too long. Young me knew what I liked, I guess. I think way over-hyped.

  5. 2001: A Space Odyssey is not a movie, it is an experience, like a state of mind. It is something I would get drawn into, look at, experience, but not follow as a progressing story as in other movies. From that point of view it is a master piece and one I both respect and enjoy.
    So, yeah, I am on a very high horse.

    1. It is an experience. Like going to the dentist or having one's prostate examined.

    2. Amanda.... errrrr.... are you going to tell us about your last prostate examination?