Tuesday, July 8, 2014

485. The Producers

The Producers
Directed by Mel Brooks

It was hard to come into this movie without prejudice.  I have seen Blazing Saddles for heaven's sake; I know what Mel Brooks is capable of.  This is a really good movie, though; by God, we have no idea what is to come.

A nerdy accountant and a crooked play producer figure out that they could make a lot more money on a play that flopped than a play that was successful because wealthy investors would not expect their money back if it was a complete failure.  They choose the absolute worst play they could of, Springtime With Hitler.  However, it is a bit harder than they expect to stage a flop.

This movie's premise is a lot better than the execution.  What I mean is, there won't be a joke a minute that will keep you hysterical.  Instead, it is the entire absurd story that will keep you interested and amused.  That being said, a more modern audience might not like this comedy as much since comedies today usually have a punchline every eight seconds.

I personally liked it; though, again, it wasn't by any means the funniest film I have ever seen.  The two lead actors are absolutely fantastic.  Mel Brooks, how could you become such a monster?

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

First use of the term "creative accounting".

One of Premiere's "50 Greatest Comedies of All Time".

Mel Brooks' directorial debut.



  1. Really? He invented the term 'creative accounting'?

    I very much agree with you on this one. I like the film.. some great moments, but not brilliant.
    Mell Brooks can be good.. he can also be beep awful.. and I rather groan at his stock response to 'I'm stuck for an idea what to do next' is to just through in a stupid blonde with inflated breasts for a cheap laugh. Well not a laugh.. at this point I wanted to call it a smutty titter, but that in itself is a slightly dodgy comment to make, so I won't say it)

    1. Well, he may not have invented the term but it is apparently the first use in film.

      I think we pretty much have the same taste in comedies! Can't wait to rip apart Airplane.

  2. I agree with you some of the way. The premise is funnier than the execution. Where we differ is that I think it works despite the effort of the two leads. Their overacting to the camera was not that funny at all, however the show they are staging, Springtime for Hitler, is a complete hoot. Oh dear, that is totally hilarious.

    1. Yeah, I just love Gene Wilder, probably because I grew up with him as Wonka. But I see where you are coming from.

  3. "That being said, a more modern audience might not like this comedy as much since comedies today usually have a punchline every eight seconds."

    Really? I usually think of older comedies being a constant stream of visual and spoken gags whereas modern comedies aim for something subtler, implied or based upon an entire situation rather than a one-liner. Part of the reason why the laughter track has been phased out. I'm going to have to go and think about this premise a bit more.