Wednesday, July 2, 2014

483. If...

Directed by Lindsay Anderson

After this post I will FINALLY be caught up on this blog.  Thankfully, I don't have too much to say about this one, since it is basically Zero for Conduct, which I reviewed already.

Three non conformist boys attend a school that students are brutally abused.  They fantasize about killing all their teachers.  Needless to say, in this today's climate I found this to be highly disturbing.  Also the movie switches between black and white and color because of budgetary restrictions or artistic pretentiousness or something equally ridiculous.  This makes for a incoherent and disconcerting movie.

Additionally, I am not a huge Malcolm McDowell fan; in fact, I can't remember a film I have see him in  without walking away with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Go for the superior Zero film, if you want to watch a movie about school boy rebellion.  Why you would want to, I don't know.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

The nude scene of "The Girl" was McDowell's suggestion, since he wanted to see the actress nude.

First film of Malcolm McDowell's.



  1. I first saw this.. ages ago.. not at time of release.. but in the early to mid 70's. It made quite an impression then.. which has rater remained to this day.
    Oh I can fully see and understand all the things that can be said against it .. and there are large chunks I've no idea what are about.. (The vicar in the filling cabinet?? what??) . I'm dissapointed to read that the nude scene was purely so that Malcolm M could oggle the actress (really?? I find that one difficult to believe..).
    Sorry Amanda, i'm rating this one.. a good 4 or 4 1/2 from me...

  2. Oh, slightly belated 'Happy 4th July'. I hope you had a day off.. Andrew didn't.. but I expect (hope) he got paid extra.
    I had one American guest in the hostel last night and he celebrated with a slightly stronger bottle of beer than he did on the previous day. For some reason we couldn't find a firework display for him to go to
    No, seriously, I really have had, in the past, Americans surprised that we don't have anything going on.

  3. Hey Ray,
    Welcome back! As far as If... goes, maybe I am just sick of seeing stories about terrible British boarding schools. That is such a common theme in the books I have been reading lately.

    My family has never really celebrated fourth of July because we don't eat meat and we really don't like fireworks that much (I mean they are loud and dangerous; what is to like?). We are basically the shame of America.

  4. I never saw this film, but it doesn't sound that interesting. As far as Malcolm McDowell goes, I have a different perspective. I had the pleasure of watching him speak live at at a place in Florida, when I lived and went to school there. He was great, so entertaining. He talked about a lot of stuff in the business and was very nice and answered questions. So I really have become a huge Malcolm McDowell fan. As for the Fourth of July, I completely agree. I am not a fireworks lover and basically don't get what the big deal is.

  5. I mean, I have never seen him in anything I like. Maybe one day I will watch him in a good movie. Any recommendations?

  6. I recommend A Clockwork Orange if you haven't seen it. It is in the book, so I am sure you will get to it.

    1. Haha don't you know me well enough yet to know that I would hate that? I have seen that and hated it! The rape scene was so horrifying.

  7. Clockwork Orange?.. Well, if you wish to reinforce your negative opinion.. that would be good..
    But we do have to guard against disliking the actor for the role.... If you hate the character.. it is probably a good mark for the actor that they can portray them so well to create that emotion in you.. Alex is a truly repulsive portrayal (well, it is debatable.. is he, or is he made to be..??) - we shouldn't blame McDowell for that.
    I make an exception for this rule of thumb that we don't confuse the actor with the character... I still dislike John Wayne. his characters and his movies. (I'd probably add Jennifer Aniston to the list as well)

    1. I don't dislike A Clockwork Orange because of McDowell; I hate it because of all the nauseating violence towards women shown in the movie. I get what you mean though! Okay, and Jennifer Aniston has been in some terrible films but she can be okay. What about Office Space?

  8. I liked this one better than you did and do think it is an improvement on Zero... It just made more sense to me, even the alternate reality parts.
    Office space is great, but Aniston is such a small part of it. At home we quote it on a daily basis.