Tuesday, July 8, 2014

486. David Holzman's Diary

David Holzman's Diary
Directed by Jim McBride

My sister loves to watch people's vlogs on YouTube, which I never could understand.  Nobody is interesting all the time.  Well, David Holzman is not interesting any of the time.  Unfortunately, we still are forced to observe his life for a couple hours.

I was excited about the beginning of the movie.  David reveals that he plans on taping every part of his life for a month in order to make some truth out of his existence.  Well, we all know how fond I am of lists and projects.  Unfortunately, David's girlfriend is, understandably, not a fan of this idea.  Throughout the film, David's life goes downhill and he consequently becomes a huge creeper.

I feel like this film could have been something great.  I love it when people realize how dull and insignificant their lives are in film.  But why does David have to be such an unsympathetic character?  The fact that he is so boring, whiny, and apathetic kind of took away any impact that this film could have had.  Honestly, any Hollywood movie could have showed us that bad things happen to bad people.

Another miss for me and a waste of a good opportunity for the filmmakers.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Shot on a budget of $2,500.


  1. The intention of this comment is to let you know that I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! Just check out my post for all the rules and have fun with it - after all, you deserve it! Congrats!! http://1001movieman.blogspot.com/2014/07/versatile-blogger-award.html

  2. Oh, absolutely spot on with this one Amanda...
    A prime contender for a 'What on earth is this doing in the book' award.
    I cannot remember if we are ever told if his girlfriend left him after (or hopefully during) the making of this.. but for her sake, I rather hope so.

  3. Andrew, thank you so much! This was such a pleasant surprise and honestly, I needed it after the last few days I have had.

    Ray, I completely agree. We have been agreeing a lot lately!

  4. My initial response to this movie was much the same as yours. But then it struck me that that is actually the point of this movie. It ridicules the idea of filming your own life. Nobody are that interesting and certainly not this guy. It shows how conceited he is, how stupid the idea is to begin with and let him slowly realize that filming his own life was not the best idea ever.
    Fast forward to present day when this is exactly what tons of people are doing, if not on YouTube then on Facebook. This is why this movie deserves a spot on the list

  5. MMmmm interesting point TS.. It would give some validity to the film being in the book...