Friday, July 11, 2014

487. Skammen

Directed by Ingmar Bergman

My frequent readers (and even my non frequent readers since he is constantly appearing) know that I am not a fan of Bergman.  I simply don't like his style and I find his movies to be a power sleeping aid.  Unfortunately, I have to keep repeating this and you have to keep reading it because he WON'T GO AWAY!  Attention Listmakers: if a set of films are all the same, one is enough!!!  I know the plots can be drastically different, but somehow or another we always end up in the same place: watching a sad man having some sort of weird dream.

Okay so Through the Wild Hour of Persona Shame follows a couple whose lives are completely destroyed by the war as each are forced to look at the other in a new, harsher light.  I know that is an incredibly broad summary but I can't really think of another way to write it without spoiling anything.

I am sure both Larry and Ray will be able to explain this film better in the comments section, so perhaps I shall leave it to them.  I will say that this movie certainly succeeds in being disturbing.  The casting was quite brilliantly effective. Every time Liv Ullman was on the screen I felt vaguely upset; she is so innocent and beautiful!  So in that very tiny, tiny way I will give Bergman credit; I really felt connected to the characters.  There, I was nice.  Gentlemen, take it away.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Bergman was unhappy with this film and felt like it came across as poor and uneven.  I could kiss this man.  Yes, I agree, Ingmar!



  1. Wel Amanda.. our little alliance over gore and sexual violence was great, and i now have to abandon you to suffer Nordic gloom on your own.

    Sorry, I cannot explain what is going on some of the time either, neither can I tell you why you should like him.
    (partly because I don't think you 'should' like anything you don't take to)
    Yes, I accept the style is very similar in many of his films

    At least I'm glad that in this one you could connect with the characters... Thanks for that!

  2. Of course I thought this film was pretty much a masterpiece, LOL. Sorry Amanda, I think Bergman is a master filmmaker. I really love Liv Ullmann as well.

  3. Hi Larry.. so glad we can agree on this... (I don't like disagreeing with people...), so thanks for your support. Who knows, one day.. we may get to find a way into Bergman for Amanda...

  4. Haha well I am glad I have you two to rave about these.

  5. This one and Vargtimmen are back to back in the Book and to me they represent opposites of Bergman. Skammen I could understand and follow. It made sense and I took something away from the movie. Vargtimmen is just obscure and weird and it just does not add up.
    Skammen is the Bergman movie I would recommend to those new to Bergman. Vargtimmen I would never recommend to anybody.