Monday, September 28, 2015

602. Nashville

Directed by Robert Altman

Just the thought of writing this post makes me tired since there are so many different plot lines in this movie.  I'll take the lazy way out and only give the briefest statements.  It is Monday, after all.

Basically, the film follows the lives of several aspiring and actual country music stars in a five day period.  My favorite storyline involved the love triangle between Bill, Mary, and Tom.  Still, I prefer the television series "Nashville" that is currently in its fourth season.  With the movie, we miss out on Clare Bowen's beautiful singing voice and, of course, Connie Britton's hair.

I didn't particularly enjoy this film.  It's strange that there are 24 main characters, yet not one that I actually like.  It's also nearly three hours and there were definitely parts that seemed to drag, particularly in day one.  Still, I have to admit that this film is an impressive feat.  Unfortunately, just not a very entertaining one.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Every actor was required to write and perform their own songs.  The film was also heavily improvised.

Songs were recorded live.


  1. Now then .. I actually quite like this one. Slightly to my surprise as I dislike Country & Western music.. But perhaps you can argue the film attacks the C&W crowd. As you say, I'm struggling to think of any of the characters I liked .. but most of them were interesting - or at least intriguing, and I do, in the end, find the film entertaining.

    1. I am surprised you liked it! Even if I had, I don't think I could sit through such a long movie again.