Monday, September 28, 2015

601. Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom

Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom
Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini

First I had to read 120 Days of Sodom for the 1001 Book List, then I had to revisit it AGAIN with this list.  Will there be an album adaptation that I have to sit through next?

I am not even going to dignify this movie with a long entry.  It is disgusting, horrifying, and really shouldn't be given any special attention.  It almost ruins the List for me when a film like this is included in The Book, because no one should have to have these images in their brain.  It's something that you will never forget.  And for what?  So some Italian director who is fucked in the head can make some tired point about fascism?

Avoid at all costs.  Now I am upset that my sister is trying to tackle the List as well, because she will have to watch this.  Maybe I can persuade her to do it with a blindfold and ear plugs.  That will still count, right?

RATING: -----

Interesting Facts:

The director was murdered before the film was released.


  1. I realised this was coming up and you would be having to face this (and 'Realm of the senses') soon, and went .. Amanda is going to love these two ...
    I'm going to defend this one a bit. But first I WILL say, be afraid, be very afraid of anyone who claims to likes this one. This is not a film to in anyway like .. and I'm sure Pasolini would be the first to agree. It is a horrible experience to sit through .. But I will defend his decision to make a strong point about Fascism, Italian establishment, the Church etc etc.
    Whilst I sympathise with you having to sit through it.. and I know how hard it would have been for you .. I will say next to no-one will go into watching this not knowing what to expect, and will have partaken of very light lunch before hand (and probably even lighter one after). I support it's place in the book.
    Gosh, you have read the book as well? That I do not envy one little bit.

    1. Yes! The book was not as bad though. I feel like he is simply claiming he wanted to criticize fascism but he really just wanted to shock people.

  2. This film's only intention seems to be to traumatize people. He may have said he wanted to criticize fascism but not even fascists dared so far. It seems kinda nonsense to display bigger horrors than the one you intend to criticize. Life is already full of horrible acts to invent new ones.

    1. Exactly. I think he just wanted to gross everyone out and used the fascism thing as a reason to explore his...fantasies. So disgusting.