Friday, September 4, 2015

583. Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein
Directed by Mel Brooks

I am going to be particularly nice to Mel Brooks in this review, since when Blazing Saddles comes around I will get nasty.  This wasn't nearly as funny as The Producers but it wasn't a total cringe festival.

Basically, it's the story of Frankenstein again, but with more penis jokes.  Now, I wasn't exactly clutching my sides, but I found the whole thing comical.  I have seen so many painfully un-funny movies so maybe I have a higher tolerance.

The "Puttin' on the Ritz" number was included in a weird Muppet video that my siblings and I use to watch when we were very little.  It was strange seeing it now.  I don't know if Baby Amanda thought it was entertaining or not.  Adult Amanda thought it was a bit obnoxious but still worth watching.  Mel Brooks can do better and Mel Brooks can do a whole lot worse.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The "walk this way" joke inspired Aerosmith's song "Walk This Way".


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  2. Mell Brooks time then ... Another strong agree on this .. he can be very good, and cringworthy bad right next to each other, or even at the same time. I sort of feel most of his films would make great 20 min short .. or all them together make a fairly decent 60 min sketch show.
    It's a long time since I saw this .. but if the 'walk this way' gag is what I remember it as .. That is lifted straight from a 60's BBC comedy show, 'Morecombe andWise'

  3. I didn't know that about the BBC show! More fuel in my Mel Brooks hate fire.