Sunday, September 6, 2015

586. Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles
Directed by Mel Brooks

I chose this film to bring to a friend's movie night a couple of years ago when I was being set up on a blind date.  At the time I was unaware of who Mel Brooks was so I was under the impression I was bringing a classic Western.  Apparently, a couple of years ago I was an idiot.  Anyway, this film was so painfully unfunny that it made the whole night awkward.  Wow.  It's fun having something else to blame for a date not going well.

Basically, a greedy railroad supervisor Hedley Lamarr (GET IT??? LIKE THE ACTRESS??  GET IT???) is trying to figure out how to empty the town of Rock Ridge so he can build his railroad.  Are the endless fart jokes or the racism jokes more uncomfortable? You decide!!

I can't even say the comedy simply didn't age well because I am pretty sure I would never find this type of humor funny.  So don't watch it this or risk ruining your love life.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

First time the fart sound was committed to film.  What brave pioneers these men were.


  1. Well, as the target audience, and probably main apreciators, are 16 year old lads, it is no great surprise we can agree this is a load of juvenile crap. OOoohh he farted! How hillarious.. hey guess what.. if one personn farting is funny .. how funny is 10 people farting. Repeatedly.For ages. h how my ribs hurt.

  2. Quite a bit off topic.. I stumbled across what is probably the most non Amanda film possible. 'Liquid Sky' - 1982, Slava Tsukerman. 2 hours of 80's weirdness.. psychodelic, druggies, attrocious acting and a lots of rape and sexual assault - but 'she really wants it' in a bonkers Sci-Fi envelope..

  3. Agreed. Oh my goodness, that sounds like the worst movie ever. Did you actually sit through two hours of that?? How??

  4. It did have a rater dreadful fascination.. and will certainly remain a 'memorable' film.
    Oh, but I will confess i watched most of it at 1.25 speed or 1.5 for the 80's synth disco bits.