Wednesday, January 29, 2014

434. The War Game

The War Game
Directed by Peter Watkins

We finally reach the end of this...mixed streak of films that I have seen, which means I can finally get back to work after I finish this post.  I am not going to lie: I might drag this out longer than I have to.  That might be difficult since this film is only forty-five minutes, but hey, I'm determined.

This docudrama follows the chain of events that could conceivably happen if the Soviet Union nuked Great Britain.  It actually seems real and I never felt like the filmmakers took an implausible leap.

So like I said, this film is only forty five minutes but of course, it makes you think for a lot longer than that.  I know most people are against nuclear weapons (in fact the only time I spoke in my high school history class when I was protesting the attack on Japan; I was one of those weird kids that sat in the corner and never said anything).  I think most Americans just think it was what we had to do to end the war and it was a tragedy, but one that could have been avoided if the Japanese had heeded our warnings.  I, on the other hand, still panic every once in awhile that America will get a taste of its own medicine and have been obsessively following what is going on in Iran.

Anyway, it's a great film that really makes you think and one that should be required viewing in high school.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Won an Oscar for Best Documentary even though it is fictional.


  1. Phew.. how do you make comments on a film like this?

    This one is stuff of legends.. made.. ages ago.. by the BBC I was deemed far to horrible to be shown, and disappeared into unseeable limbo until moderately recently.
    I had to go to the national Museum of film & Photography in Bradford to see it.. but it is now on Utube I believe,
    Pretty heavy stuff.. and yes, perhaps it should be compulsory viewing at schools as an antidote to how heroic a post apocalypse world will be..

    1. Ooo I am glad it is easy to find now; we have enough hard to find movies as it is. Brilliant point about post apocalyptic worlds; they are often portrayed as a chance for people to reconnect with their humanity and save the day.

  2. That is an interesting point. The post-apocalyptic theme is very popular, but is actually tremendously horrifying. this is the stuff of nightmares and survivors would be immensely traumatized and very very sick.

  3. Even though the following half century has demonstrated (so far!) that it was false as a prediction, the fears were valid at the time and conceivably something may yet come to pass. Fortunately, in the information age, the major powers have found less apocalyptic ways to threaten and cajole each other. But there are still several potential flashpoints just waiting to tempt someone with a nice, juicy, red button.