Monday, January 6, 2014

425. The Masque of The Red Death

The Masque of The Red Death
Directed by Roger Corman

When I first got The Book, I pretty much devoured all the horror films on The List (and unfortunately for my friends, I made them watch them.  Some of those people aren't my friends anymore.  Connection?  Perhaps).  I am also a big Edgar Allen Poe fan, so I knocked this one out right away.  I am not sure the movie really captured what Poe's vision was, but it is still a fun watch.

The plot is somewhat complicated but basically, Francesca, her brother, and father are captured by Satanist Prospero.  This is after Prospero orders a village to burned down because a lady has the plague.  There are also dancing dwarves and psychedelic dream sequences.  Do not watch under the influence of drugs unless you never want to sleep again.

I don't think anyone watches Vincent Price movies for quality or insight into the human condition.  Mostly, you watch them because they are incredibly cheesy and fun to make fun of with your significant other and/or body pillow.  Stylistically, this was an interesting film as the colors really pop on the screen.

A fun film to watch, although one that isn't that scary (though there are a few frightening images; see above).

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Esmeralda's character was played by a child and her dialogue was dubbed by an adult.



  1. I have a decided soft spot for these cheesy Corman 'Poe Series' films, so I'm going in here with a mind already made up to like it.
    That said... I found the heavily saturated colour a bit much at times.. but, hey, if you sit down to watch Corman, you are going to get someting well over the top.

  2. Totally off topic, but in case you didn't spot so.. please see over on Andrew's, a continuation of debates on such fun topics as faith v atheism & child abuse.

  3. Good morning Amanda...
    My i recommend a quick search on Youtube.. or whatever yu use.. for 'Vincent', (1982) a 6 Min short by Tim Burton.
    Well worth it...

    1. Good morning Ray!

      Is there any chance you can shoot me an email with a few comments on what you think of Andrew's blogging? I am doing a profile on him. My email address is I totally understand if you don't want to, I just want to make sure you knew I was asking. Thanks!

      I will definitely check that out but I do not have high hopes with Burton!

  4. OK.. interesting responce there..

    I was so taken by that little film I wanted to let people know about it...
    I also sent the recomendation to Andrew.. I know he is no fan of Vincent Price.. but I knew he had highly rated 'Edward Scissor hands'.. so i tagged my message to that.
    You howsoever, I got the idea liked a good bit of Vincent Price 'Ham and Cheese'.. so tagged it to this one.
    Andrew was intrigued by the emerging Tim Burton, but (I think) put off by VP.. You I suspect maybe the otherway round...

    1. Good morning Ray!

      I just checked out that video. That kind of animation has always annoyed me. Wait until we get to Edward Scissorhands and I can unleash my rage completely!

      I loved the allusions to Vincent Price, though. He is really one of a kind.

  5. Oh well..sorry to inflict it on you.. but, hey, at 6 mins, and I thought you would at least find it interesting.. Thanks for trusting me enough to at least give it a try

  6. I never saw any Corman movies before this one, so I cannot really compare this to his other stuff, but what it looked like is an awesomely cheesy B-horror that got an unusually large budget for sets and costumes.