Sunday, June 28, 2015

556. Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos
Directed by John Waters

Roger Ebert says people will be tempted to say that they like this film, in order to prove that they have a tough stomach.  Anyone that knows me knows that I do not have a tough stomach.  In fact, me throwing up is the climax of many of my anecdotes.  Anyway, this is complete trash and everyone knows it.  Some people will defend its place in The Book, but really, I think we should forget about this as quickly as we can.

I am usually very militant about the List.  I decided to give myself a bit of a break here, since I knew how horrifying this film was going to be.  I had my book open (To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf) the whole time and allowed myself to mute the movie whenever it got too gross.  Unfortunately, that didn't protect me from much.

A drag queen and her mentally disabled family fight to be named the filthiest human beings alive.  This includes raping women and selling their children.  It also seems to know what, I will spare you and not even go into it.

What's to say about a movie that's only goal is to gross you out as much as possible?  Mission accomplished?  A child could do as much.  I hate, hate, HATE John Waters and I can't believe that I am even giving this guy any attention.

RATING: -----

Interesting Facts:

The actual inventor of the pink flamingos figurines just died.

A lot of the trivia for this film is too disgusting and upsetting to put on here.  Let's just all move on with our lives.


  1. Point totally taken and mostly agreed with. Should I even reply to this post as itcontinues the attention being given to it.
    I may even defend it's place in the book.. but Oh boy.. please, please never make me go near this again.

  2. I don't understand why some of these movies are even on the list.Is it a joke?what can we make people watch? YECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, I guess he is on the list, in the book, as he is - like it or not- quite an influential cult director.
    But I'd wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment expressed by YECH!!!!!!! (I think I may have misspelt that by way of the numbers of !!!s I did or did not put in)

  4. Ugh. The List certainly exposes us to some terrible images. I suppose it is worth it.

  5. How strange, I remember seeing it the first time around and laughing for days afterwards (even in the street, out of the blue) thinking there is a hope in the movie industry with originals like John Waters. I guess it all comes down to what you expect from the cinema and how open you might be to something out of the box. I find his movies incredibly witty and funny.

    1. What in particular did you think was funny? And what other movies do you like?