Saturday, June 6, 2015

548. Deliverance

Directed by John Boorman

Ugh.  Let's get this over with.

Four businessmen decide to canoe down the a Georgian river for the weekend.  They are attacked by hillbillies.  Do I have to go on?  Sexual violence and just plain old regular violence ensues.

Honestly, is this what movies are supposed to be?  Being like Ed, strapped to a tree and forced to watch unspeakable acts of violence?  No.  At least Roger Ebert agrees with me on this one.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Over thirty people drowned trying to recreate the characters' adventures after the film's release.  What.



  1. This is feeling a bit relentless isn't it?

    By the way, - gosh, what a sudden rush, after a thin period. (I hope you are not ill and laid up in bed or someting)
    Related - have you noticed Andrew is back with a Mega review of Dekameron? He hasn't posted for about two months, so you may have stopped looking

    OK, a film I decidedly dislike, but recognise as a film deserving of attention and inclusion in the book. Maybe even agood film (just don't ask me to watch it again) in that it made a serious attempt to address issues such as male roles and masculinity in a modern, 'tamed' age.
    Again, - as in my comments on Straw dogs - I'not defending the way people behave, but I have to accept that just because thats not my image of how I;m supposed to (or want to) behave, it's not the way others see things.
    It's sad, it's depressing, but I'm afraid the vast majority of persons on this planet that have a penis are .. well,, sorry, but total dicks.
    So Amanda, sorry, but next time you feel that Hollywood has a total downer on women and it's a terrible one sided conspiracy to show women as useless, (Oh. but pretty) fluffy headed, shopping obsessesd, shallow morons....some of 'the enemy' - men- are not happy about male portrayals either.

    1. I am glad Andrew is finally back! And I was writing a lot because I reached a block of movies that I had seen and remembered quite well. I haven't watched Solaris, the next one on The List, yet.

  2. I watched this movie years ago, because well, I needed to know the whole story. Yikes! Fear, squeamishness, terror, disgust, pity--that's what I felt. I can't even imagine what men must feel watching this--oh yes I can. We see rapes of women all the time!

  3. This movie is weird. I am not sure if it's good or bad. That is all. Thank you.

    1. As long as I never have to see it again, we can call it whatever we want.