Thursday, June 4, 2015

544. Cabaret

Directed by Bob Fosse

I love musicals and I think I praise just about every musical on The List.  However, I HATE this film.  Every character was insufferable, every musical number was irritating, and every plot point was absurd.  I remember seeing this movie and thinking "this may be my least favorite film of all time!"  Of course, The List has now exposed to me to plenty more atrocities since then.  Still, this movie will always fill a special place in my hateful heart.

Sally Bowles performs at a night club in 1931 Berlin.  She meets a young professor who is confused about his sexuality.  She manages to seduce him, but things seem to fall apart again when they both become infatuated with a rich playboy.

Have you ever heard a more annoying song than "Money, Money"?  Have you ever seen a more irritating actress than Liza Minnelli?  The only song that I can stand is "Maybe This Time" but I never really enjoyed Minnelli's cover of it.

Is there any movie that can get us out of this slump?

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

"Maybe This Time" was not in the original play.  Liza Minnelli had recorded it for her first album and persuaded the filmmakers to use it in the movie.

The only decent song:


  1. OOOohhhh!

    After a rather boring agree fest with you (it's nice to agree, but replies of "I agree with you Amanda" do not make interesting reading) ... wait for this.. I'm going to disagree with you -about a musical. Err so what, that's normal isn't it?

    This is a huge anomoly in my film watching - a musical I REALLY like. So much so, I usualy claim it is not a musical, it's a film with songs in it.

    No, come on.. give me chance here..

    It's set in a nightclub. People sing in Nightclubs. That's normal, it's what happens in that context. All the songs are there to be seen as part of what is going on.. No-one stops what they are doing to pointlessly break into song to tell us they are about to make the coffee.
    In addition, they clevely parallel what is going on in the story and historical context and pass judgement, make a moral historical point.

    I like the moral ambiguity of the people, but the total condemnation of what is going on around them. It (rise of Nazism0 is seen, sort of, on the sidelines, but gradually becomes more and more scary.
    The 'tomorrow belongs to me' always brings me out in shivers. The way it shows a nice setting.. what sounds like a 'nice' song about birds in the forest, turns seriously dark and chilling.. and yet it is infecting all around him. We the audience are almost seduced by him - his clean cut, fresh look, his longing.. But we know what it really eans in hindsight. Can we not love the one person who, at the time, knows it's all wrong - the old guy- with no words, just body posture, destroys the romantic illusion created by the Hitler Youth kid.
    So many small asides that puncture the bubble...
    The passing comment .. Oh we can stop them, they are not important, jus a bunch of jumpe up idiots no one takes too seriously. Seems reasonable for the time.. but - gulp- we, the modern audience know better, We want to shout at them .. no - these guys are seriously dangerous.
    The couple in the guest house and the astute observation about 'The Jews'.. that aparently are all both dangerous Communists, AND evil rich bankers. all at the same time.
    For goodnes sake, I even end up liking Sally - a normal decided 'not my type' female character. It makes me wish I could have been there with Isherwood and lived a short while.

    So sorry Amanda, a disagree. Please forgive me and don;t judge me, but hey, you must agree it makes a MUCH more interesting reply than many others of late. Yes, it's been (mostly) a dire bunch lately.

    1. I can't believe we are the inverse of each other! I like most musicals but hate this one and you are the complete opposite. Did you enjoy the songs in this?

  2. Oh yes.. Espcialy the way they are a direct comment on the world that is developing around them, casting a critical eye on them.. exposing the hypocracy and hate that seems to be seeping in, and the characters flaws and weaknesses..

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  4. I love this film. Minnelli and Grey are great. Also, this film was actually quite daring for it's time, and it makes the film even better for a modern audience. This is one of my favorite films ever. Sorry you didn't like it.

    1. Hi Larry! I don't know what it is but Minnelli gets on my nerves. Also the songs got on my nerves. Basically everything got on my nerves. Glad you are not as irritable as me!