Thursday, June 4, 2015

541. Two-Lane Blacktop

Two-Lane Blacktop
Directed by Monte Hellman

This is one of those exceptionally dull movies that I tend to forget about as soon as I am finished.  Let's try to get this over with as quickly as possible, before the memory slips away completely.

Two guys drive on Route 66 and challenge another guy to a race to Washington DC.  Whoever wins gets "pinks".  The only thing remotely interesting about this film is that the two main characters are played by James Taylor and Dennis Wilson.  What is it with musicians making movies in the 1970s?  I found that it rarely results in a good movie, but that is a rant I will save for Moonstruck.

Of course, there is supposed to be a lot more to this movie that two people driving.  Still, I found the metaphors to be too heavy-handed to be effective.  Dull, dull, dull.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

James Taylor never watched this film.  When the actor won't even watch the movie, you know it's boring.

One of only three movies that actress Laurie Bird was in before she killed herself.


  1. The rather dull agree fest continues.
    Hss the beeb awful British TV programme called 'Top gear' made to to the US? it's a highly poulat programme about - cars. Mostly aimed at 17 year old boys, of whatever real age they are, and probably those with exceedingly small bits. (Sorry, would you have objected if I'd said penis there? I will not mid if you feel the need to delete that)
    Anyway, Top gear is all about men who want BIG cars that can go very FAST, and is fronted by a misogonist idiot called Jeremy Clarkson.
    He'd love this film.
    that's really the only comment this film needs.

    1. I have had friends that are really into that show! You can say penis as much as you want!

  2. Sorry for being rude about your friends .. and casting aspersions on their genitals. Especialy any female friends for implying they have a penis of any size..
    (but I bet few of the friends who like it are female)

    Did you hear about his being sacked? After years of 'pushing a bit' with racist and mysogonist comments and lots of final warnings, he final went too far and thumped a producer who couldn't produce Steak and chips from a closed resturant late at night in a hotel they were staying at on location.
    The guy is a real idiot.

    1. No problem! I always think that about men with cars! I didn't hear about that. Did he really think he was that important that he could get away with it?

  3. Oh he certainly did. If this guys penis is only a fraction the size of his ego.. Well, these are thoughts i dont want to have
    Ths is a guy who has made a persona - and a big following - out of being deliberatly provocative as to how un PC he can be with repeated headline grabbing offensive comments about gay people, women, foriegners, Guardian readers, climate change, cyclysts.. (he has a special level of bile for cyclists only a tad bellow bus & train passengers).
    OK, it is a 'character; he has constructed to sell the image and Top Gear.. but it has an effect. After the sacking thousands protested and BBC managers had death threats. Several female coomentaors had hate mail for supporting the action taken,
    I will grant him one thing.. When taken out of his normal lound mouth contex, he CAN do reasonable stuff on subjects he take seriously. He did a very good documentary on the WWII Arctic Convoys which showed a lot of sensativity