Thursday, June 4, 2015

545. Ultimo tango a Parigi

Ultimo tango a Parigi
Last Tango in Paris
Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

I am convinced this string of terrible movies will never end.  What do we have to look forward to after this?  Deliverance?  Kill me now.

Two strangers begin an anonymous sexual relationship.  Of course, when one person wants to become more involved, everybody loses their minds.  Isn't that always the case?  Even if you haven't seen this film, you have probably heard about the infamous butter scene.

There are plenty of sex scenes in this film that the average moviegoer might find a bit disturbing.  However, after reading about the background of this movie and learning about Bertolucci's treatment of the main actress, Maria Schneider, I was forced to conclude that this wasn't just make believe.  Maria Schneider was treated horrifically and she is even quoted as saying, "I felt raped by Brando."

This was not a fun movie to watch, with or without the background knowledge.  Someone save me from the seventies.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

The butter scene was not scripted and was improvised by Bertolucci and Brando.  Maria Schneider was horrified and her tears in the scene were genuine.

Based on Bertolucci's own fantasies of sleeping with a complete stranger.  What an original man.


  1. Unreservedly with you on this one. what a tedious and highly non-erotic film.

  2. I saw this when much younger and knew I was supposed to find it erotic. I did not and thought it was a stupid story and boring. Now I feel even worse that the actress had such a bad time.

  3. I am glad we are all in agreement. A total suckfest.