Saturday, June 6, 2015

547. Sleuth

Directed by Joseph Mankiewicz

This is a fantastic film.  It is hard to feel completely saved from the slew of bad movies we have been dealing with lately, since after this we are back in the same nightmare with Deliverance.  This great movie merely feels like a mirage.

Andrew Wyke invites Milo Tindler, his wife's lover, over to his manor to "sort things out."  For some reason, Milo agrees to come (it's probably a British thing).  Andrew proposes that Milo takes his wife and some jewelry, because apparently he is very giving.  Andrew explains that he will report the jewelry stolen and collect the insurance money.  Could it just be an elaborate hoax?  Are they both underestimating each other?  Am I really this many questions in a plot summary?

What an entertaining movie and a fun break from the violence monotony.  It's just a bonus that two of the greatest actors of all time are the stars.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Remade with Michael Caine and Jude Law.  Anyone have any thoughts on the remake?

Apparently, Michael Caine fangirled extremely hard when he met Laurence Olivier.


  1. Fangirled???
    Oh, I see.. I think I've just worked out what that means...A word related to 'fanboy' .. the sort who wathces Star Wars 28 times and could dismantel the enigine of an empire battleship if he ever saw one, but meaning he went all tongue tied and gushy. Got it.I think.

    Ok, as you say, a decided welcome change.A decidedly 'different' type of film, and very intriguing.. Although I thought the 'twist' (careful to avoid plot spoilers) was quite obvious.

    Now it;s time to play a bit of 'I'm going to affectionatly tease Amanda' and pick up on something.

    To quote you ".... to "sort things out." For some reason, Milo agrees to come (it's probably a British thing). " I see.... thats as opposed to the American way of going round and shooting him? Or being - and, hey guess what folks, we are back to straw dogs somehow..a real man and beating the crap out of him.
    Maybe you are right about the '"to "sort things out." (it's probably a British thing). " as I did once, many years ago, find myself in sort a similar situation and we did indeed go round to "sort things out." Now thats got you thinking.

    1. Okay now you have teased me, you have to tell me at least part of the story. Were you the laurence olivier or the michael caine??