Thursday, October 3, 2013

395. Heaven and Earth Magic

Heaven and Earth Magic
Directed by Harry Smith

Oh come on.  Really?  Really??

Harry Smith spends about an hour using cut out animation to…well I really don't know what his purpose was.  There was no story and nothing about this film was that beautiful so I guess he just felt like being weird.  Well, keep it to yourself buddy.

That was just stupid and a waste of space in The Book.  I am just annoyed thinking about this so I will end the review there.  If anyone enjoyed this movie, please leave a comment and explain to me why.

RATING: *---- (I am giving it one because it wasn't disgusting and unfortunately, I must make that distinction since The Book has grossed me out many, many times)

Interesting Facts:

Just watch a couple seconds of it and slam your laptop closed in disgust:


  1. Watched 3 seconds of the film. WTF?

    1. I watched all of it and that is my reaction too.

  2. One blessing about most of the seriously weird experimental is they tend to be mercifully short... You can sit there bemused for 10 mins and earn an easy tick... This dragged on for over an hour....

    1. And over an hour in experimental film time is nine hours in real time (according to my boring movie time converter).

  3. This movie does have two thing on the plus side:
    1. It was a pre-cursor to Terry Gilliam's cartons, though ot nearly as funny.
    2. It was not half as bad as the movies by Jack Smith.

    Beside that, I also had a very hard time with this movie. The List editors must be out of their minds.

    1. I think of them more as cold scientists running experiments on us.