Tuesday, September 10, 2013

384. Dog Star Man

Dog Star Man
Directed by Stan Brakhage

This is kind of a weird landmark for me.  This is the last movie that one of my favorite 1001 bloggers, Francisco Silva, reviewed before he stopped blogging.  Ah, the eternal question.  What happens to a blogger when there are no more posts?  Anyway, he was the only other 1001 blogger that I have seen who reviewed these movies chronologically.  If anyone knows of any other 1001 film blog that goes in order, could you please drop me a comment?  Actually, I am open to reading any 1001 blog but it would be interesting to find a kindred spirit.  Moving on!

Now, I only watched Part 1 of this disaster because that is all The Book required of me and probably all that I could have stood.  This is a completely silent movie (although a lot of YouTubers added music which I silenced to get the full effect).  It has no plot and is pretty much a smorgasbord of images that would stay on the screen for two seconds.  It is a good thing I am not prone to seizures.

I do not like experimental films and probably never will so there is not too much to say about this one.  I imagine the result might have been different if I had been on drugs, but I didn't have any weed on me (not that I ever have drugs on me…ahem…ahem).

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Footage was included in the film The Art of Vision, which dissects and explains the movie.


  1. I admire the fact that you can stick with this book because just looking at the photo for the movie annoyed me. I am not the "experimental film"type but I love that you review all of these! It is fun to read because I love your writing style.

  2. After (sort of , slightly) defending a couple of the experimentals, i thought I should seek out the most weird and add my "Eh? What? to the list.
    just in case you started to think I was weird...

    1. I wouldn't call someone weird for liking experimental films, I would call them pretentious. Just kidding!

  3. YES, YES, I do, Amanda, I watch them in order (pick me, pick me!), but then, you know that...

    Hated this movie and hated the editors for wasting my time.

    1. This was before I discovered you and your wonderful blog! Agreed about the movie.