Saturday, November 5, 2011

89. Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty

This is another seafaring adventure, much like Captain Blood but a lot less romantic. I really love sea movies (although the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie was just the worst).  I also love any movie where Clark Gable takes his shirt off.  This film meets both requirements!

Those damn Brits.  Why did they always have to impress sailors?  They could have prevented the War of 1812 with us when we kicked some ass.  Well, kind of.  Anyway, this movie is about a ship of sailors who are forced to work for the British navy.  Gradually, the tyrannical ways of the Captain become too much for them and they mutiny.  This film earned three Oscar nominations for Best Actor which tells you how powerful all the male performances were.

I didn't like this movie as much as Captain Blood.  This film probably had more depth and better acting, but I liked my trashy Errol Flynn flick.  This is still a very good movie and definitely one that you should check out.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

I recently had a discussion with my dad about the worst and best decade of films.  I argued the 30s for the best.  Represent!

A camera man died when one of the barges capsized.

Because of the three actor nominations, the supporting actor category was added for later years.

Apparently Clark Gable was a huge homophobe and hated his costar Laughton for bringing his boyfriend on the set.  Damn it, now I can't like Errol Flynn or Clark Gable.



  1. With all this talk of Clark Gable. I felt I should dig this one out, if for no other reason than the local connection.

    Just a couple of hours ago, I was having a nice quiet beer in one of our towns pubs.. in this case 'The Fletcher Christian'.. because Mr. C. is a local boy.. he was born here. Well, a couple of miles out of town,

    Beware.. the following message contains myth destroying images...

    Despite him being a local lad,, we have to admit that the legend has it (almost) all wrong.
    Bligh was the 'working class lad made good' and Christian was the snob who resented Bligh being in command.
    Yes, Bligh was tough.. but all Captains at the time were. He was not a vicious tyrant, and the mutiny was mostly about the sailors.. or at least some of them- mostly F.C. - wanting to stay and continue to have under age sex with the native girls.
    The idyllic escape to Pitcairn? It lasted about 2 years before they all started killing each other over the dwindling supply of abducted.. lets be honest about this - sex slaves- they took from Tahiti. Local Legend says F.C. may have slipped away and returned to these parts, but no-one really believes that - he was almost certainly killed in a drunken brawl.

    Sorry, more than a bit off topic...

    Didn't know the snippet about Gable resenting Laughton's boy friends being there.. but somehow it's no surprise...

    I assure you I've never knowingly impressed a sailor. Or even tried to.

    "The war of 1812 when we kicked some Ass"? Ah yes, when we burnt the Whitehouse you mean?

    Perhaps I should actually make at least a passing reference to the film?
    Nah, sorry, not impressed..

  2. Hahaha yes that's the one. I don't think anyone really shined during that war. Well, except Francis Scott Key...

    That information about the real Fletcher Christian was really interesting, though it did crush my dreams a bit.

    As for you impressing sailors, well...95% of me believes you.:)

  3. Neat story above about F.C.
    I had no idea that Chales Laughton was gay. That would certainly explain his dislike for the religous self-rightous in Night of the Hunter.

  4. Well, he was married (to Burt Lancaster .. sorry, typo.. Elsa Lanchester), but 'in those days', most gay people were. Married that is. Not necessarily to Elsa Lanchester.
    Wikipedia says he was Bi, so that's certain then. I seem to recall they were happy together, and stayed together 'till his death.