Tuesday, November 1, 2011

85. The Judge Priest

The Judge Priest

This movie is the ultimate southern cliche.  You have the dumb, drunk Southerners, the submissive African Americans, and the die hard devotion to the Confederacy.  I have rarely gone down to the South, myself.  My family used to go down to Florida every year but we stopped doing that when I was still very young.  I also have been down to South Carolina a couple times when I was really little.  That and Gone With the Wind sums up my southern experience.

Anyway, this movie is really boring.  The directing also really sucks.  The cut aways were awful and people would weirdly transport from one area to another in between shots.  I personally cannot stand Southern accents.  It also was pretty offensive to both white and black people.  Overall, completely pointless and a waste of time.  I really don't have the faintest clue why this made it on the list.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

One of the actors also starred in The Birth of the Nation.  Wow, these guys really are just the worst.

The Judge Priest had one of the most disturbing and racist lines I have ever heard.  Blah, waste of tonight.

Audition and Funny Games both sucked and I made my best friend watch them with me for our Halloween  movie marathon.  Sorry, Mara!


  1. I suppose this was included as an example of a Will rogers film. I actually liked it once I found my headphone and could actually decipher the dialogue. Production quality was horrible.

    1. I had forgotten about this one too. Wow, thank god I have this blog since my memory seems to suck.

  2. I thought this was OK. In the list as a nod to Will Rogers rather than anything about the film itself that truly stands out, but enjoyable nonetheless. Last couple of minutes of punch-the-air celebrations and cheering were a bit silly though.

    The treatment of race relations is obviously dated, both from when the film was made and even more so of when it was set. I try to separate these issues as much as possible where they aren't core to the film itself. Let's just say that there was no ill intent, it could have been a lot worse given that this was 1934 and that we're all wiser now. Or at least I thought we were until I saw some of the British front pages this week.

    1. I recently went on a date with a guy who spent the majority of the time defending the Confederate flag. So yes, very wise now haha