Tuesday, November 1, 2011

87. The Thin Man

The Thin Man

I am going to go all Office Space on this computer for not letting me put up a picture.

I discovered The Thin Man a couple of years ago and have been in love with the adorable couple pictured above (just pretend, please) since.  I actually recently watched the sequel which was as good as the first one.  This is an amazing film and quite possibly my favorite movie on the list so far.

Nick and Nora are the coolest married couple I have ever seen in my life.  They love each other and are greatly attracted to each other.  However, they happen to really like each other too.  They manage to have witty banter and still value each other's opinion very highly.

Nick and Nora get involved in a mystery, one that they solve in an unconventional way (this probably inspired Manhattan Murder Mystery).  They pretty much sit back, drink, and let the culprits identify themselves.  I will always remember the last camera shot for its clever message.  1934 was a good year!

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

Asta bit Nora during filming (who said anything about being detached from reality?).

Two weeks of filming.



  1. Absolutely hilarious. Love it. Only I et so thirsty watching it. Like, really thirsty.

    1. I just read the book for the first time and if it is possible, they seemed to drink more in the book.

  2. Another good one to be reminded of .. I've done all the sequels, with the predictable falling off of standards .. You can ALWAYS tell it's well past time to quit when a bratty kid is brought in. Yech.

    1. I think I only have seen After the Thin Man. Is it their kid? That's disturbing.

  3. If I remember correctly, yes. Not that it matters, it's a nauseating brat that everyone is supposed to go "awwww.. he's SO cute'' about.

  4. I completely failed to keep up with all the names, who had seen whom where and said what to whom. No hope of working it out, but just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Terribly good fun.