Monday, November 28, 2011

103. Le Roman D'Un Tricheur

Le Roman D'Un Tricheur
The Story of a Cheat

Oh my god, what a snore.  This film is one of those artsy, boring, French films that pretentious people praise for its "rawness".

This movie is acted out like it is silent, but there is a constant narration in the background.  It also starts out introducing the cast and crew like some sort of eighties sitcom.  This film follows the life of a boy who discovers that cheating can actually be quite fruitful.  It is one of those "am I supposed to be laughing right now?" type films.  When done correctly, these kind of movies can be really fun but this movie botched that technique.  There was also a really long scene talking about Monaco, towns, and cities which felt like one of those cultural videos I had to watch in high school French classes.

As boring as Magnolia.  You get the picture...

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Credits were spoken and not written.

Too obscure for much trivia.  Sorry!!


  1. Jeunet reference this movie, at least in style.

  2. I thought this was pretty great.

    I think the introduction of cast and crew at the beginning was creating a mood for cheating, that nothing you see is ever real, just some actors in front of cameras.