Monday, February 24, 2014

444. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Directed by Russ Meyer

Oh dear lord.

People seem to be on two sides of the spectrum here.  On the one hand, some condemn this film as extremely misogynistic; just a sweaty male preteen fantasy.  On the other hand, some say that this film is a work of feminism.  The women in this film use their bodies as weapons and are certainly not victims.  So where do I fall on this debate?

Definitely, definitely on the "this is a sexist piece of garbage" side.  One reason is just a feeling so I can't back it up too well.  I just did not get that sense that the director was supporting women with this film. I definitely felt that there was a lot of hate driving this movie and it certainly wasn't aimed at sexism.

Even I couldn't stop staring at the breasts of Tura Santana.  I feel like if feminists try to justify the outrageously revealing outfits, they are really grasping at straws.

I should also mention that the plot is absolutely ridiculous and the acting was atrocious.  Did I feel empowered by this film?  Not in the slightest.  The most positive message I can take away from this film is that women can be psychopaths too!  Well, I already knew that, thanks.  Give me Buffy any day.

After all, John Waters loved this movie.  Enough said.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Meyer chose this particular delightful title because he claimed that speed, violence, and sex are all that's necessary for a good film.



  1. What a wonderful coincidence. Here on your blog we have this.... this...errr this... errrrm..(stuck for words.. ). Now, if you will good readers who follow both Amanda and Andrew,.. just have a quick look to see what Andrew has presented us with this morning.. an extreme Feminist piece 'A Question of silence'.

    I'm intrigued Amanda.. where has someone managed to try and justify this ... this.. (I'm still struggling fro those words) as feminist?
    Ah, in the same way The Spice Girls were feminist.. or pole dancing is empowering? Ok.. I see.

    I was actually a bit pleased to see this in the list.. I'd never seen a Russ Meyer film, and was mildly intrigued what they would be like.. and hey, I was given 'permission' to see one as part of an intelligent film history research project - and not as someone from one of those awful American High school movies like American Pie..
    So I sat down to watch this in the 'This is going to fun to watch - in the same way an Ed wood movies is.' frame of mind.
    Well.. it sort of was.. No it wasn't. I'd much rather watch 'Plan Nine from outer-space' again than another Russ Meyer. At least Ed Wood keeps you entertained. I was bored by this.

    Surprisingly I'm going to say 'Well worth a place in a 1001 MYMSBYD' list, and I'm glad i did.. but as a a film.. ?? Those words??

    How about 'crap'.

    1. I tend to be very critical of films that are trying to have a feminist agenda as their sole purpose or even films that try to reverse typical stereotypes. Often times it seems like they are just pandering and sometimes they even create new stereotypes (see Uncle Tom's Cabin).

      I was also excited to see this as I thought it might be similar to Kill Bill. Crap indeed.

  2. OMG. Watched the trailer. I am horrified.

  3. Gotta love the ones that start out with "Oh Dear Lord". Well, damn them for making us watch this. I too hated this, but it was more of a "Dear God, what am I watching" than a "Dear God, let this end!". While I hated it, I'm glad to say I've seen a Russ Meyer film and can now realize that they're probably all kinda like this.

  4. In theory this should work, no? Exploitation, feminist power, speed, violence, a girls-gone-bad movie. This could have been good and fun. But it isn't. Instead it is a stinker, cooked up by a guy who gets a kick out of sexual female domination.
    I have never managed to sit through an entire Russ Meyer movie.