Monday, February 3, 2014

437. The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music
Directed by Robert Wise

Moving right along from the highly disturbing Battle of Algiers, we now have to deal with a sickeningly sweet musical.  Gotta love the chronological system!

I think everyone has either voluntarily seen this movie, been forced to watch it against their will, or been haunted by sleepless nights when they can't get "My Favorite Things" out of their heads.  I belong to the first category and well I can't say I hated it, I can certainly see why this movie could get on people's nerves.

Julie Andrews plays the impossible optimist Maria, who is sent to be the governess of the Von Trapp family.  She teaches them to sing and be a general annoyance to dinner party guests.  Eventually, she falls in love with the strict father Georg Von Trapp.  Nazi hilarity ensues.

I generally love musicals and have to admit that I have several of these songs memorized.  However, the story is barely plausible, the Maria character is a bit hard to swallow without gagging, and the children's actions are unusual at best.  Still, a must see movie; it has been parodied a thousand times.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Anyone seen the recent Carrie Underwood version?  Is it as bad as everybody says?

Just looked this film up on Wikipedia.  Hint: any time a character is described as "free spirited" it probably means they are annoying as hell.

Christopher Plummer refers to this movie as "S&M" or "Sound of Mucus".

Charmian Carr and Christopher Plummer would often flirt with each other on set.

In reality, if the Von Trapps had traveled through the mountains to escape, they would have ended up near Hitler's mountain retreat.

Make sure there isn't any glass around for this number:


  1. Scream! thud thudthudthud (siund of me banging head on the table)
    NO! please!, not 'The Sound of Music'

    You may well have gathered by now that i do not like musicals..

    And epitomising all I dislike about them is ecapsulated in (as I have always called it, in support of Christopher Plumber, poor guy) The sound of Mucas.
    I have even been know to say that "any film that makes you root for the Nazi's has to be regarded as highly suspect". You know the popular (probably mythical) theatrical tale.. Pia Zadora, was in a stage production of 'Diary of Anne Frank', and was, allegedly, so bad that the audience would regularly shout "Shes in the attic" whenever the German soldiers searched the place.. SoM gives me urges to do something similar.

    Amanda, I will hold you responsible if I cannot free my head of earworms all day.

    Shudder, and I will move on...

    1. Haha I had never heard that story before.

      I actually woke up today at 4:00 AM and suddenly couldn't stop thinking "when the dog bites, when the bee stings..." I think I inadvertently cursed everyone with this post.

  2. Ok I love this movie. I truly do. It's silly and fanciful and I think that is what musicals are supposed to be. When very young I read Maria Von Trapp"s autobiography (think that is the book) and it was interesting to see all the discrepancies, but I still liked the movie. I think it was/is fun, I still know all the words to the songs and that's it--I liked it!

    1. I actually don't know that much about the real Von Trapps but that would definitely be an interesting read.

  3. Sorry Diana if my rant against a favoured and loved movie caused offence.. it's not nice when someone savages something you hold dear.. I know it can feel almost personal....

    But on the other hand, may be agree that robust differences are good for Amanda's blog and makes for interesting reading!

  4. Haha--You did not offend me in any way, Ray, and I agree that it makes Amanda's blog even more fun to read. Differing opinions are necessary for interesting discourse!

  5. I think I'm more with Amanda, in that I'm not a huge fan, yet I don't hate it either. I probably wouldn't wanna watch it again, but wouldn't protest if I had to, for some reason.

    I've heard that Plummer pre-arranges for anyone who interviews him, NOT to ask him about this movie. I wonder why he hates it so much?

    1. I heard that too. I wish other actors would feel as shamed for some of the crap they come out with. I am looking at you, Adam Sandler.

  6. I an very much on the fence with this movie and it is quite extreme.
    The sugar overload triggers gagging reflexes, the children are just terrible and the plot is improbable in the extreme, despite being based on a real story.
    Yet, the music is undeniably catchy and classic and the scenery is just magnificent. It is easy to see why people fall into one or the other ditch.