Monday, February 24, 2014

443. Pierrot le fou

Pierrot le fou
Pierrot The Madman
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard

I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  It has been a combination of an insane amount of work and not being able to find a version of this film with English subtitles.  However, I finally tracked down a copy and was able to watch it while cleaning my chinchilla's cage.  Was my experience colored by the fact that I was scrubbing urine off the walls while I was watching it?  Read on!

Ferdinand is in an unhappy marriage so decides to run off with his ex-girlfriend Marianne.  Of course, bitches be crazy so he soon finds himself on the run from a group of gangsters.

I actually started out loving this movie.  The film starts with Ferdinand attending a party full of extremely shallow people with his wife.  I love stories that deal with death by monotony.   However, this story quickly went off the rails after that fantastic scene.

This is still a spoiler free site, but I have to talk about the ending a bit.  It seemed almost cartoonish, but when you think of the reality of the situation, it is really quite horrifying.  So were we supposed to take it seriously (in which case, that's highly disturbing) or was it supposed to viewed in the same way kids view Wile the Coyote cartoons?

In the end, I thought the plot would be a more entertaining and it was a bit too surreal for my taste.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

What are everyone's thoughts on the coming Oscars?  I only saw American Hustle and was not a fan.

Godard claimed this was not a film, but an attempt at cinema.  Did anyone get through that sentence without rolling their eyes?


  1. HATED this one. My least favorite Godard by a country mile and at least you started out liking it, which is SOMETHING, I guess. Don't give me "Contempt" and then turn around and give me this...too opposites.

    Oscars? I've only seen "Her" and I didn't care for it. Too silly and I couldn't stop thinking about that "Big Bang Theory" episode where Raj got a Siri installed phone. The mood was right, but I just couldn't settle into it. I would've seen Gravity, but up until yesterday, OnDemand was charging $18.99 for it and I wasn't paying that much.

  2. I have seen six of the nine nominated films. This is how I would rank them in order:

    1.Her-Easily my favorite. The only one I would really call a great film.
    2.Dallas Buyers Club - Very powerful film. Had me interested throughout.
    3.Philomena - Very solid. Judi Dench is amazing.
    4.American Hustle - Very entertaining, but not much depth. Jennifer Lawrence is great though.
    5.12 Years a Slave - Good not great Really well acted.
    6.Nebraska-Way below the other five. Good acting from Bruce Dern, that's about it.

    Did not see Gravity, Wolf of Wall Street or Captain Phillips

    1. I, like Andrew, thought Her seemed a bit trite but I will definitely check it out if you recommend it. I feel the contenders were a lot stronger last year.

    2. I am finding out Her is not for everybody, but I loved it. It has a passionate fan base, but I sometimes tend to love movies that others do not. Anyway, if you check it out I hope you like it.

  3. Godard always causes massive eye-rolling. Always.
    Hate the prick.