Tuesday, February 11, 2014

441. Repulsion

Directed by Roman Polanski

This is the first Roman Polanski movie on The List.  He has actually been in the headlines lately because of the renewed discussions of the Woody Allen sex scandal.  Comparisons are drawn between the two of them because it brings up an interesting question: can we separate the artist and his work? First of all, I think it is ridiculous to compare the two: Polanski pled guilty to rape charges while it has never been proven that Allen molested Dylan Farrow.  But in my opinion you can absolutely separate the artist's work from the artist's life, especially when the scandal occurs after the the artist is well established.  Maybe I won't get tickets to the next Mel Gibson movie, but I am not going to pretend that I hated Braveheart.

Anyway, I saw this movie awhile ago when I was eagerly viewing every horror film on The List.  There are hundreds of types of horror movies (I don't just mean slasher, monster, or supernatural; I am thinking way more specifically like creepy child, dead teenager getting revenge on her tormentors, haunted insane asylum, etc.).  I have seen so many horror flicks that I pretty much know my stand on every single kind.  This film is the "person slowly going crazy, possibly all in their head, possibly not" type and let me tell you, I have never been too much a fan.  It is a frustrating watch for the viewer and in my experience, is rarely scary.

Carol's sexual fears are pretty interesting and lends itself to some discussion: was she just a closed off lesbian?  Was she abused when she was younger?  Was she ever going to find treatment?

I realize I was kind of all over the place with this review, but it is just one of those days.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

First female orgasm passed by the British sensors.



  1. Okay, so your ratings system is probably around here somewhere, but I'm not seeing it. Is "***" good?

    I gave this one a pretty rough review and always felt I was a little too hard on it. I think I need to rewatch it and be a little more fair. I honestly don't even remember the orgasm scene. I'd heard that this was Polanski's way of showing what happens inside a person's head when they have schizophrenia.

    PS...LOVED what you have to say about the artists and their art.

    1. Thanks Andrew!

      I actually don't have an official ratings system posted but for me 3 stars is average. The orgasm was just heard and they didn't show it but let's just say it painted a vivid picture haha.

  2. I found this one absolutely awesome. Yes, it is slow in the beginning, but it builds up elegantly to a bzarre crecendo. The rotten rabbit was so disgustion and perfectly matched her mind.