Wednesday, September 28, 2011

66. Scarface: Shame of the Nation

Scarface: Shame of the Nation

This is the movie everyone has already seen a hundred times.  So to continue with the repetitive theme, you can either look at Little Caesar or Public Enemy for a review for this movie.  My only comment would be that I have never seen the remake of this movie.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Howard Hughes directed this film.  I knew that from The Aviator.

Al Capone owned this movie.  Kind of missing the point, Al.


  1. It's a bit unfortunate that three gangster movies have cropped up in quick succession and all with essentially the same narrative. But I think this is in part probably a product of the time, just as I expect to see a glut of war movies from 1939 onwards. All three were pretty good and for my money this is the best of the trio.

    The usual criticism is that this genre glorifies criminals. On the one hand I wouldn't mind this unless the agenda was to actively do so. But, anyway, I never feel that. Maybe it's because I'm a very rational person, but I near never find myself sympathising with nor admiring the cool bad guy in any gangster film, yet I rarely find I enjoy the film any less. One exception was the 'remake' of this in which I found the lead just too repellent to engage with, but maybe Al Pacino was simply too realistic. I should look what you made of that...

    1. I agree. Most gangster films chronicle the fall of deeply flawed men. That's hardly glorification.