Tuesday, September 27, 2011

61. Vampyr


I keep watching horror films in September which is completely inappropriate.  I am sure all of October will be happy musicals.  IT"S ALL WRONG!

I was expected to get really freaked out by this film.  It is supposed to be like the scariest movie ever not to mention the director is one of my favorites, Carl Theodor Dreyer.  However, it was just kind of...meh.  I watching this on Netflix Instant, and it was an awful version.  I couldn't even hear the people speaking let alone understand the German words coming out of their mouths.  I also thought it would be a really interesting mystery.  The plot takes forever to get started and then you have to watch the awful acting.  Really a lose-lose situation.  It felt like a silent movie; there were even title cards.

Overall, it is a lot worse than you would expect.  It pratically blew out my speakers!

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

The dirty floor was made by smashing jam jars on the floor and waiting for insects to be attracted to the mess.

Cool use of shadows and camera angles.

No YouTube videos.  As we get to newer movies (and yes, 1932 is new to me right now) they are going to be harder to find.

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