Tuesday, September 27, 2011

60. La Chienne

La Chienne
The Bitch

Amazon has really been fucking with me lately.  I had to buy this movie and through no fault of my own (aka I didn't look closely at the product description), they sent me the Japanese version.  This movie is completely in French and my version only had Japanese subtitles.  If you have read my earlier posts, you probably heard me bragging about how I know French (roughly translated that sentence is vous probablement avez ecoute <bragging> de comment je sache francais; see?).  As you may have surmised, I had a hard time understanding this film.

But I got the gist of it!  I also followed along with the Wikipedia synopsis. I think an artist killed a prostitute and someone else got blamed for it.  I guess I liked it.  I am pretty sure it was pretty edgy (did I hear dormi avec moi?) and edginess is always appreciated.  I am also almost certain they didn't condemn any of the villianous acts committed.  They just kind of reported it, like Ovid.

RATING: ***-- (I am probably completely wrong about everything I just said)

Interesting Facts:

See?  There was a benefit to taking French.  Impratical, my ass!

Jean Renoir was Pierre-Auguste's son.

This is a really obscure film so no video, sorry.


  1. Hmmm, not sure you can really claim to have 'watched' this, can you? It's 1,001 movies you must see, not 1,000.5.

    Would it help if I shared the version I downloaded so you can watch it with English subtitles?

  2. Crikey, assuming I believe Wikipedia (and when is it ever wrong?):

    Michel Simon as Maurice Legrand
    Janie Marèze as Lucienne 'Lulu' Pelletier
    Georges Flamant as Andre 'Dede' Govain
    Jean Renoir directed

    In the film Michel Simon falls in love with Janie Marèse, and he did off-screen as well, while Marèse fell for Georges Flamant, who plays the pimp. Renoir and producer Pierre Braunberger had encouraged the relationship between Flamant and Marèse in order to get the fullest conviction into their performances - (Flamant was a professional criminal but an amateur actor). After the film had been completed Flamant, who could barely drive, took Marèse for a drive, crashed the car and she was killed. At the funeral Michel Simon fainted and had to be supported as he walked past the grave. He threatened Renoir with a gun, saying that the death of Marèse was all his fault. "Kill me if you like", responded Renoir, "but I have made the film".