Sunday, September 18, 2011

53. Le Million

Le Million
The Million

This movie is as wacky as some of the silent comedies we watched but because there is dialogue, it is ten times better!  I have been so pleased with the thirties so far!  Keep 'em coming!

This film is a musical, a comedy, and a romance.  It follows a young Frenchman who is in extreme debt.  He leaves his lover for someone who is, shall we say, more free with her affections.  Consequently, she gives his jacket which contains a winning lottery ticket to a man in need (hell hath no fury...).  Commence the cookiness.

Apparently, the director of this movie said that camera work was failing because directors were making dialogue take care of everything.  Obviously, we are not seeing the bad movies that have that problem.  You can tell in this film, though, that Rene Clair paid special attention to camera detail.  The acting is phenomenal.  I LOVED the romantic subplot (I always do).  One of my new favorite movies.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

There is no trivia in the IMDb page! What is a girl to do?!


Tomorrow we are back to silent films.  Awww...(will this rollercoaster relationship ever end?).

Available on YouTube.  First part:

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  1. This was refreshing, but you can still see that many of the gags are rooted in silent slapstick. The good news is that it works in any language.