Tuesday, December 10, 2013

410. Mediterranee

Directed by Jean Daniel Pollett

I had the strangest feeling while I was watching this film that I had seen it before.  My brain is probably slowly turning into mush since I consume so much fiction so I figured that I had probably watched the movie before and had completely forgotten about it.  However, I then checked my handy check list and it turns out I hadn't seen it.  I guess I just got that feeling since this movie is exactly the same as many of the experimental films we have been forced to endure.

The movie has no plot and is actually just filled with random images, the most prominent being an upsetting bull fight and a girl on an operating table.

Maybe it was because it was only forty five minutes but I actually didn't completely hate it at a level 10 level (I've had to categorize my hate degrees after watching so many bad movies).  I found myself mildly interested at the images on the screen and it was actually a pretty beautiful film, albeit a bit disturbing.  But dreams have a tendency to be disturbing and that is what this movie reminded me of.  Still, I need a plot to be able to ever consider a movie a favorite.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Zero facts about this movie on the internet, sorry!

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