Sunday, May 31, 2020

1100. El Angel Exterminador

El Angel Exterminador
The Exterminating Angel
Directed by Luis Bunuel

1100 movies, 1100 reviews! I've given many unprompted speeches about my milestones over the years, but this feels like a pretty big one. It's been a blast, and thank you to every person who has reached out to me, even when it's just to tell me what an asshole I am. I get a kick out of every comment. Speaking of comments, an Anonymous commentator recently suggested I watch The Exterminating Angel, as it is the ultimate quarantine movie. And boy, was it.

Senor Edmundo Nobile and his wife Lucia host a dinner party at their lavish mansion. A mysterious power prevents the guests from leaving the party, and, as the days pass, they grow more and more desperate.

I love stories that answer simple what if questions; what if nobody could leave a dinner party? The symbolism here was fascinating. I thought it was brilliant that all the servants (for an unknown reason) left their posts right before disaster struck. It was like, once the bourgeoisie had nobody left to step on, they imploded. Putting aside class issues that were so obviously prevalent in this film, the movie also managed to tap into my own social anxiety fears (what if I couldn't leave somebody's house? What if they couldn't leave my house??).  A very eerie and unique film.

This is probably the best Bunuel movie I have seen, and it wasn't even in my edition. Instead, they included The Young One? What gives?

Oh, and the fact that Buffy the Vampire Slayer paid homage to this movie is just icing on the cake.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Bunuel believes that the film was a failure and wishes it could have been shot in Paris, and included cannibalism. Artists must be saved from themselves.

Was banned in Russia, because why not.


  1. This is a fabulous review and congrats to you! 1100 posts! That is amazing and I congratulate you for your perseverance. Your reviews are funny, insightful and always entertaining.

  2. Congratulations Amanda on the 1100 reviews. You are awesome!
    And what a perfect movie for quarantine.

  3. You are most welcome, glad to see I could contribute to your 1100th movie experience which turned out to be positive. :)

  4. Thank you everybody! I love reading your insights as well.

  5. I very rarely watch movies off my list in recent years - 1,001 is going to be hard enough even if I do concentrate on it, let alone if I deviate - but this sounded intriguing. And well worth a watch too, even though I don't know enough about post-civil war Spain to understand all of it.

    I'm guessing it was banned in Russia because of the similarities with Animal Farm?

    So, the anonymous poster who suggested this turned out to be Ray in a face mask?

    Congratulations on 1,100. Who would have thought that watching 1,001 movies would turn out to involve nearer 1,200?