Friday, November 27, 2015

638. Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead
Directed by George Romero

This movie was filmed at the mall that I always went to when I was growing up.  Funnily enough, most of the people that work there still look like zombies. Anyway, I guess technically you are reading the words of a famous person then.  Enjoy your brush with celebrity!

Basically, this is a very cliche zombie film with a very cliche zombie plot.  Four people try to survive a zombie apocalypse at Monroeville Mall.  If they hadn't gotten rid of the candy store, I wouldn't think their fates were so bad.

I suppose I can't actually call this cliche, since it is simply an original movie that has been copied an infinite amount of times.  I personally have never been a big fan of the zombie genre, since I think the kill scenes are always kind of boring.  Still, as someone who has frequently explored the worst the horror genre has to offer, this is actually quite good, if a little overacted.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Gaylen Ross refused to scream, saying that she would lose her strength as a strong female character if she did.


  1. Was this deliberate, or pure ironic co-incidence that you posted this film about mindless consumerism on the dreaded 'Black Friday'? Oh please, please tell me it was deliberate .. that would be so good.
    You know I'm not at all a fan of the slasher (or I suppose more the tear and rip) gore soaked horror movie, but the subtext of anti-consumerism in this is just to great to ignore.
    And you even know the place .. wow, how cool is that.

    1. It was totally on purpose...I am just that good.

  2. Glad you liked this one, for the most part. I'm currently in the process of posting MY WEEK IN FILM (just stopped by to grab the link to your blog) and it will contain thoughts on the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead, filmed mostly in Washington, PA.

    1. Ooo cool! Why do zombies and Pennsylvania just go hand in hand?