Wednesday, June 4, 2014

472. Marketa Lazarová

Marketa Lazarova
Directed by Frantisek Vlacil

First of all, I want to attach a big "fuck you"to the filmmakers on every subsequent criticism or compliment that I make about this movie.  Any director who thinks it is a good idea to have a plot where a woman is raped (which I already have to cover my eyes for) and then have the woman FALL IN LOVE with the rapist is just wrong and stupid.  There are, of course, women who are in relationships with their rapists, but that is not what this was at all.  Am I the only one upset by this?  Okay, remember my addendum to every thing I say and let's move on.

Sometime in the Middle Ages, shit goes down.  Honestly, it was a very confusing plot and the sometimes incoherent subtitles didn't exactly clear anything up for me (at one point somebody declares "IQW!" in surprise).  However, thanks to my undivided focus and the Wikipedia page, I was able to understand what was going on.  A woman named Alexandra has sex with her brother who, unfortunately, is bit in the arm by a snake during um...the act (damn, should I have attached a NSFW label to this post?).  Anyway, she then falls in love with someone else so a freaky love triangle forms.  Meanwhile, Marketa...well, see the first paragraph about why I am so upset with her storyline.

This film is nearly three hours long but, fortunately, the plot rarely drags (not that I liked what I seeing at all).  The film is also completely beautiful; pictured above is one of my favorite shots.  Of course, the screen is mostly white which can be a bit overwhelming when you stare at it for three hours.  I am assured that I will get my vision back to normal by next Tuesday.

Overall, a kind of upsetting movie but certainly not the worst we have seen.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Voted the all time best Czech movie.  IQW!


  1. Hi Amanda..
    Sorry you ave had nothing from me in some time.

    I've had a bit f a rough time lately.. and it continues, and I'm afraid I've let somethings slide.. Not just you, but Andrew's as well..

    Anyway, I thought I would drop by to say I do still read your posts.. (and I agree with this one)..

    And to let you know.. After months of it sitting on the shelf reproaching me, I eventually watched 'Song at Midnight'.. thus officially finishing my 1001. Not just 'Psycho' cover, the print version I used.. but 'Life of Pi' cover as well, thus completing according to iCM as well.

    1. Hey, I have missed hearing from you! Sorry you are having a rough time and I hope you get through it okay!

      Congratulations! Wow and finishing multiple versions. Great job!

    2. Thank you..
      I felt I should get on and finish (and risk instant death), as, come September, there will be a new edition.. and, according to iCM*, I will not have finished.And there are several films I fear will be new I won't be hat keen on
      Talking of which.. Am I the only person who was bored stiff by 'Gravity'?
      *PS.. are you on iCM Amanda? If so, can you find me and 'friend me?.. I go under the name 'few visible scars', and I'm currently at about No. 146.. that's page 6.

  2. Hi Amanda..
    Speaking for 'my people'...
    It's not just the dreaded Disney corp that believes we are all evil geniuses (is that the correct plural of genius?? not genii??)
    All Hollywood loves a good evil Brit. How do you think Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons pay the bills between their more prestigious arty stuff other than pandering to a good racial stereotype?
    And don't get me started of Mel Gibson and his attitude towards us.. (Someone probably told him we are all Jewish)

    Anyway.. diversion.. we are supposed to be here to talk about Jungle Book..
    Well, lke everyone of my age, this is pretty much hard wired into by inner brain.. certainly songs like 'Bear necessities'
    Like all product from the mouse factory, it is of course molded shaped and polished to soulless perfection, and it is written into Disney corps mission statement that nauseating and annoying kids must be in everything.

    1. I am actually not on iCM. Should I join?

      Haha I think it is also because Americans think British people sound smarter so they fit the role of mastermind better? I am not sure.

      Have you seen the latest Disney film Frozen? I actually saw it in England.

  3. Well, iCM can be a bit addictive.. But at the basic level it's free.. and it means we can see what you have or have not seen.
    It's also a good source for links to obscure films in the web. I've certainly made much use of that aspect to find lots of obscure (or incredibly expensive to buy) Noirs and Silents...

  4. IQW!
    I needed some wiki assistance too, but I am certain the plot described there must have been a different movie. I still have no idea what happened here.
    I have a feeling this could have been a very interesting movie with a different approach (a bit less Godard...) but then of course it would not have been the best Czech movie ever...

  5. The world would be a better place if we were all a bit less Godard.