Friday, May 30, 2014

469. Wavelength

Directed by Michael Snow

Last Friday I had ankle and foot surgery.  Consequently, I cannot put weight on my foot for the next seven weeks, which means using a walker like the old lady that I am at heart.  I haven't been anywhere but my bed and the bathroom for the past week.  Before my surgery, I envisioned that this would mean a lot of movie watching and blogging.  However, it has mostly been me trying to read but falling asleep and my caretakers yelling at me to drink more water.  Today I feel fresh ( I slept until 12:15 which really cut out the middle man since I take a morning nap anyway) and ready to at least get something done.  I put on Wavelength and watched it with my sister.  Dear lord, haven't I suffered enough?

The only thing that stopped me from turning this movie off was the fact that it was only forty five minutes.  Between the high pitched noises and the flashing colors, I had a slight headache at the end of it.  I have enough problems with nausea due to pain medications that I am now on.   Do we really have to throw this in the mix?

See those pictures on the wall in the above screenshot?  The whole film is a tracking shot that gets us closer and closer to the wall.  During the excruciatingly long wait (honestly, I move faster with my walker) a man falls down in a very theatrical way.  Evidently he died from old age waiting for the film to end.  I feel you man, I feel you.

Just plain awful.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Nothing interesting about this film.  It is available on YouTube if you need to check it off The List.


  1. See, I liked this. I tend to despise experimental, but this one stuck a chord with me for some reason and I thought the whole experiment worked, somehow. I really can't say why it appealed to me, other than it did and I'd even go so far as to say I'd watch it again, willingly.

    Sorry you didn't like it though and sorry to hear about your ankle/foot. Get well soon!

    1. Wow! I really though we would be on the same wavelength here (excuse the cheese). You are such a plot man; how did you not get bored?

    2. I KNOW!! You're right too...

      However, I'm also big on voyeurism and this was kind of voyeuristic...

  2. Here is a bigger shock..
    I'm siding with Andrew on this one.
    OK, sure.. what the heck??? But it was better than any Stan Brackhage, less boring than Andy Warhol, and less offensive than that one where a bunch of Frat boys get pissed and throw a camera around and someone is sexually assaulted.

    1. I was pleased too that sexual assault wasn't part of this film. But I thought it was just as boring as Warhol; staring at a wall is less interesting than the Empire State Building.

  3. I will join your side, Amanda. This was comparable to a television test signal and just about as painful.