Monday, May 12, 2014

467. Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke
Directed by Stuart Rosenberg

I am currently writing this review with the movie Leprechaun on in the background.  Well, anything would look good compared to this monstrosity, but thankfully this film is great no matter what you compare it to.

Luke is caught knocking the heads off the parking meters and sentenced to two years in prison.  His inner strength makes him somewhat of a hero to his fellow prisoners.  Oh my goodness, the Leprechaun just offered a character a shoe shine.  Why is this movie allowed to exist?  Ahem...sorry getting back on topic.

I really should hate this movie.  I detest movies that try to be allegories for christ; they tend to just get on my nerves.  Also, Paul Newman is absolutely great to look at but I have never been blown away with his acting skills.  It is hard to tell since a lot of his characters are supposed to be rather unexpressive, but it can still make for some dull viewing.  On the other hand, I love any kind of prison movie, so I was ready to give this one a shot.

Even now as I am writing this I am still annoyingly indecisive, which is probably getting on everybody's nerves.  It is a great film, with quotable lines and fantastic performances. Still, I remember watching the clock quite a bit during this one.

My god what an infuriating review.  Commenters unit and tell me what to think!

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Bette Davis was offered a role but refused to do a bit part.



  1. I do agree with you that the symbolism is very strong in this film, but I still consider this one of the all time classic films. There are so many memorable scenes. I like Paul Newman in pretty much everything and consider this his greatest work.

    1. I agree although a case could be made for his performance in The Sting.

  2. I love this movie and I think Paul Newman was absolutely fantastic in it! His character was so real I even (almost) forgot it was Paul Newman and became immersed in the story. (I say almost, because, god, those eyes!)

  3. Nah.. sorry folks, I'm coming down on the other side of Amanda's dilema and vote it as a miss.
    Oh sure, it's a great cinematic icon.. and we can all vividly remember moments.. even years later ("What we have here is.."), Eggs etc etc.. but I'm going to let the force fed allegory swing me to a no.
    (Hey, sorry to Diane, I seem to be constantly taking an opposing view these last few comments.. sorry.. pure co-incidence the way they have fallen)

    1. I agree and personally I don't want to remember the egg scene.

  4. A detail that stuck with me is that this dude was vandalizing parking meters and got years in a work gang... what??? Seriously?
    Those are very precious parking meters. Hate to think what littering the street might cost you.