Sunday, July 14, 2013

364. La Maschera Del Demonio

La Maschera Del Demonio
Black Sunday
Directed by Mario Bava

This is one of those cheesy horror films that I kind of thought we were done with when we finished the fifties.  Although it was a fun watch, I really don't think this movie deserves a place in The Book.

In 1630, Asa Vajda and her lover are put to death for sorcery. A mask with nails on the inside is hammered into her face while she is simultaneously set on fire.  Naturally, when she becomes a creepy zombie girl, she decides to seek revenge.

You can tell by the above paragraph that the level of gore in this film is quite surprising for 1960.  Of course, in movies like this the acting is always rather awful.  Still, it is a fun movie complete with blood spurts and flying body parts.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Tim Burton's favorite horror film.



  1. The opening is pretty awesome, though. Serious gore.

    1. Ugh I haven't thought about this movie in awhile but as soon as I saw this comment I knew what you were talking about. Ew.