Monday, September 10, 2012

202. Letter From an Unknown Woman

Letter From an Unknown Woman
Directed by Max Ophuls

Wow, just wrote ten of these in a row.  I should stop being so awesome and watching so many movies.  Actually, seriously, I should because I have spent like two hours on this blog today and I have other work to do.

Anyway, this is my last one for the day so let's churn this out.  I absolutely love stories of unrequited love.  There are frankly, not enough.  As someone who has to deal with this all the time (including this very minute) I find it incredibly relatable and sweet.  This is probably one of the best films I have ever seen depicting this feeling.

At the very beginning, we are introduced to Joan Fontaine (who always looks adorable; how can you not love her?) writing a letter to a man who barely remembers her.  She tells him she is dying and begins to tell her story.  She has really loved him all her life but when he finally noticed, he just used her and discarded her.  Very sad.

A relatively unknown movie but it was excellent and just what I needed after the ordeal I recently went through (I like a guy who has a girlfriend, fill in the rest of the story for yourselves with various Taylor Swift songs).

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

Joan Fontaine's favorite movie.

Not available on Netflix or YouTube.  You will have to go to...ahem...other sources.


  1. I thought this was such an incredible film. I can relate so well to this, and it just seemed so real. After the last few movies (lots of film noir and then the feverish "Odd Man Out") it was so refreshing to watch something that I actually found emotional and personal. Very well done.

  2. I first heard of this one - illustrated with a very memorable clip - during Martin Scorsese's 'A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies' that looked magnificent, so I looked forward to seeing the whole thing for the book. I was not disappointed
    Glad (both of you) enjoyed it so much..
    On a slight pause to really think about that really something to be pleased about - judging by you (both) found it so moving (that you could relate to her situation)? Sorry...

    1. Hahaha you're right, I wish we didn't find it so personal!

  3. Haha yes that's kind of sad that we both find it so relatable. Yikes.

  4. I am sorry I cannot follow you there. This was creepy as hell. She is a stalker and a nutty one to boot. Gave me the shivers in a bad way.

    1. Yes, afraid I agree

      She has personal issues, probably related to the absence of a father figure in her upbringing, which she projects onto a man she never really knows and doesn't even want to know.

  5. I assume you didn't like Fatal Attraction then?