Thursday, June 28, 2012

164. Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

I absolutely adore Alfred Hitchcock and I think anyone who has seen of his movies feels the same way.  That being said, this is probably one of my least favorite Hitchcock's.  There is nothing directly wrong with it, it is just not as strong as his other films.

This movie is about a charismatic serial killer who goes to visit his niece and her family.  But Charlie is on to you Joseph Cotten!  It is really interesting to see a charming killer since this seems to be a popular theme recently (Man Bites Dog, American Psycho, etc.).  I am giving Hitchcock credit for this.

The acting is pretty great (Charlie can be a bit annoying sometimes) and the screenplay is strong.  My one complaint would be that the ending is sort of campy and not as dark as I think the subject matter required.  I think every Hitchcock is indispensable so check it out.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

Hitchcock's favorite film.

The name "Charlie" is said about 170 times.

HITCHCOCK RADAR: Playing cards on the train.


  1. Cotten as a villain, that was a great move. I rank this among Hitchcock's top third. On tension and suspense this is just exquisite.

    1. I liked it but I don't think it breaks the top five for me, which would be Rear Window, Rope, Dial M for Murder, Psycho, and The Birds.

    2. Sorry, keep staring at this and can't resist taking the bait. In no particular order, I pick:
      - Strangers on a Train (would place 3rd in my all-time top-three)
      - Rear Window
      - Rope
      - The Birds
      - The Lady Vanishes
      - North-by-Northwest

      Yes, it's six. Can't decide which of The Birds or NbNW to drop.

    3. It's impossible to choose! Now I am regretting leaving out Strangers on a Train.

  2. I'm chuffed to see you share a high opinion of Rope .. so often dismissed as 'just a gimmick' - I really like it as well.

  3. I'm glad! I thought it was brilliant. John Dall was so creepy.

  4. Rope is really overlooked. It ranks very high with me too.

  5. I never get why Rope gets talked down, but that's a discussion for the Rope page, I suppose. I like this, but it would never have occurred to me to put it in any Hitch top-five or at number 1.

    When I saw it years ago I thought it had the wrong ending, that it should have concluded the way Suspicion did (and vice-versa). Watching it again now, I disagree with myself.

    1. I agree. It's a better than average movie but not the best Hitchcock