Thursday, June 28, 2012

162. The Seventh Victim

The Seventh Victim
Directed by Mark Robson

We are in a string of pretty crappy but enjoyable RKO horror films.  These aren't quite as good as Universal horrors way back in the early 30s but they are fun.  There are so many artsy movies on the list that I enjoy some good old fashioned popcorn movies (a new version of the list has The Hangover which I think is awesome).

This movie is about a timid girl who goes to the big city to search for her crazy sister (the sister is pictured above in the weirdest hairstyle known to mankind).  Some twists, lesbians, and satanic followers ensue.

Like I said, this movie is simply not well made.  The cuts between shots are too quick, the acting is only okay, and the plot is rather forgettable.  There is, however, this cool scene where the leading lady is taking a shower and a menacing woman comes in with a dire warning and all we see is her silhouette.  I am sure Hitchcock modeled the infamous shower scene from this movie.

Pretty fun, only around an hour long, and utterly forgettable.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The set is from The Magnificent Ambersons.

The actor who played Jason Hoag was killed shortly after this film came out in WWII.


  1. Yes, this one turned out pretty stupid. The start was good though, but then it fell apart.

    1. Another one I have forgotten about. I thought my memory was better than this!

  2. I thought this was fantastic. Thrilled from start to finish at how well made it was and (I'm not just saying this to contradict you) I was constantly thinking how much better these RKO Val Lewton films are than the Gothic Universal horrors of the early thirties.

    The version I watched has a commentary soundtrack so I'll be watching again for that to learn more as this seems to be like an onion with many layers to uncover. (Or maybe I'll do it whilst ironing some shirts as I don't need to pay too much attention to the screen second time around)

    1. Doing chores with a favorite movie on in the background...there's nothing like it.

    2. I practised many of my best dance moves whilst doing the ironing. Including how to twist like Travolta and Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

    3. Please record this next time.