Tuesday, October 18, 2011

73. Gold Diggers of 1933

Gold Diggers of 1933
Okay, this movie is absolutely hilarious.  I watched it with my parents.  We wanted to watch a movie so they looked at what I had recorded (many list movies were options) and we chose this.  We were pretty much hysterical from start to finish.

The plot centers on several showgirls who exploit rich guys for money.  Not only is the dialogue witty and funny but the cooky situations that occur are fucking hysterical.  I was thinking about describing one scenario but I think I will botch it so I will just let it pass.  One particular line in the movie is my dad and mine's new favorite: "Peabody, you disgust me."  Just say it out loud a couple times, and you will realize the full potential of this message.  My dad and I use it when we play pool.  Too often actually, because I am not very good.

Don't even get me started on the musical numbers.  They are absolutely ridiculous. At the end, for some reason, the stage is about the size of a football field.  There is grass, snow, and twenty different sets on one stage.  There is also a scary baby.  Best to watch when intoxicated.

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

"Petting in the Park" is INSANE!
The musical numbers were added due to the success of 42nd Street.

Okay, just watch this one scene and tell me you don't love this movie!


  1. This was a much better all-round film than the other two. I think I'm coming around to your point of view about Joan Blondell. Not so sure about Ruby Keeler though. Her acting has no range and neither does her singing. When she dances, her feet do all the right things but there's something about the way she waves her arms about that suggests she's had very slightly too much too drink and is very slightly struggling to keep her balance.

    1. Joan Blondell's handprint is my desktop background! I love her so much.