Sunday, October 9, 2011

71. 42nd Street

42nd Street

You have probably have heard of this movie before.  I think a musical coming up on the list, The Gold Diggers of 1933, was superior to this one.  But, I should try to give an objective review to this film, never mind that Gold Diggers is better in every single way.

This movie is like The Little Caesar of musicals.  I have reviewed a few musicals before this, but this is the film that really set the framework for all musicals in the future.  The plot is extremely mundane so you can let your mind wander as you read the next two sentences.  The lead actress in a musical twists her ankle and it is up to an inexperienced actress to save the show.  But can she pull it off?  Time to tune in again!

The acting is really dismal and the dialogue is mostly unorginal.  However, the musical numbers are what really sets this movie apart. Busby Berkeley (yes, someone is actually named that) choreographed all the number and the sheer magnitude of those scenes is unbelievable.  This movie is worth seeing just for those scenes, but like I said, Busby really shines in Gold Diggers.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

This movie singlehandedly saved Warner Brothers from bankruptcy.

The line "Sawyer, you're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!" was voted as the #87 AFI's top 100 movie quotes.

Premiere voted this poster #7 in "The 25 Best Movie Posters Ever".
Revived the movie musical genre.
Final musical number:

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