Wednesday, January 7, 2015

518. Performance

Directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg

I somewhat forced Boyfriend to watch this movie with me.  He mentioned on the phone that a film with Mick Jagger might be interesting and I pounced on it.  Foolish boy.  In any case, Boyfriend absolutely hated this.  Now, it has been brought to my attention by a somewhat angry commentator that I seem to always hate movies so I really, REALLY tried to like this.  Sorry Angry Guy, I couldn't do it.  You may continue to despise me.

Boyfriend and I did our best to make sense of this movie and still couldn't understand the plot.  So we are both either really stupid or there are parts of this film that simply don't connect to the plot in any way.  Probably a combination of those two things.  I guess Chas is a member of a gang in London but has to flee after killing...someone.  So he goes to live with Mick Jagger and has a threesome?

Besides the confusing plot, we also are stuck with wooden actors and the most annoying sound effects I have ever heard. Boyfriend's heart also broke during the scene where the gang members poured hydrofluoric acid on a freshly waxed car.  I really traumatized him last night come to think of it.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

One woman vomited in shock after a test screening of this film.  All right, even I think that is an overreaction.


  1. Well, coming here fresh from Andrews posting on the same film.. what can I add?
    Avoiding the temptation to give a widely different response to the same film on the two blogs (and seeing if anyone noticed)... I really cannot disagree with anything you say here...

    And two total off topic asides..
    1)Good handling of 'Angry guy'.. (but I think he has done a great job of apologising)
    2) Hey.. new relationship? Big congratulatory hug, all the best

  2. Mick Jagger should stick to what he does best, and this isn't it.

  3. Thanks Ray! And I agree Diana. Musicians rarely transition well to actors.

  4. This movie is pretty bad and its pretty boring as well.

    1. Yeah I still haven't found anyone that liked it!

  5. Well, I simply did not get it. Cannot really say if it is good or bad, but the purpose of the movie just eluded me. Strange movie.