Saturday, January 10, 2015

519. Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter
Directed by Albert Maysles, David Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin

Mick Jagger once again makes an appearance and this time the result is a lot better.  I mean, this film didn't include any torture scenes with confusing messages on the walls and men in diapers.  So, you know.  Improvement.

Gimme Shelter is a documentary that follows The Rolling Stones' 1969 tour.  This, of course, is when the infamous Altamont Free Concert took place.  The footage of that concert is actually pretty disturbing to watch.  When is hiring Hell's Angels as security ever a good idea?  I would make a Real Housewives reference here, but I am trying to convince you guys I am at least a little bit intelligent.

I was never that big of a Stones fan but that didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying this movie.  Obviously, the footage of the Altamont Free Concert was fascinating, especially since you can see Meredith Hunter, but I found the backstage negotiations just as interesting.  Definitely worth its place on The List.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

A total of four people died at Altamont.

George Lucas was one of the cameramen used in this film but not of his footage was used.

One of Premiere's 25 Most Dangerous Movies.


  1. Good review and interesting facts. I love that you always offer additional interesting facts!

  2. Somehow I missed noticing your Post Amanda .. so thanks to Diane for commenting, which drew my attention back to it.

    Oh yes, a propper use of Mick Jagger.

    Errrr Amanda.. If you feel making a 'Real Housewives' reference would damage your inteligence credabilty.... Errr.. I'm afraid my popular culture cred takes another nose dive as I don't know what you mean... Not heard of it (I'm assuming it's a TV series - that maybe has Hells Angels in it??),

    (What is it with this guy? No idea what Real Housewives is and carn't stand the divine Rachel Green? .. I have followers who are so out of touch?)

  3. Lol I don't think Rachel Green is divine and I am proud of you for not knowing what Real Housewives is.

  4. OK, I googled 'Real Housewives'.. (Which was perhaps, in retrospect, was a bit of a risk, but it did take me directly to stuff about .. the stuff you referenced.
    Aparently it did arrive in the UK last month. It sounds a nightmare.

    1. Lol there is a reality show titled Ladies of London. It's getting closer and closer to you haha.

    2. OK, if you can risk it, so can I.. and found the same depressing crap you did. I guess. It seems we have had it in the UK for several years, and I guess I did sort of know it existed, (but some sort of saviour bit of the brain tried to isolate it??)
      Perhaps the only good point to take away was the (this was on Wikipedia) the list of spoofs was longer than actual series.
      There is hope, perhaps, that some people despair at this sort of thing.
      (Nah, I'm not sure I believe that either.... deep gloom descends.)

  5. Facinating stuf, but in a really disturbing way. I tried that sort of insane concerts and I ended up walking out. When the same band (Pearl Jam) played at the same venue a few years later it got even worse and four people were stampeded to death.