Thursday, April 24, 2014

463. Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour
Directed by Luis Bunuel

Wow, how old is Bunuel at this time?  He was making movies in 1930!  Well, thankfully he has still got it.

Severine, played by the lovely Catherine Deneuve, is a bored, sexually repressed wife who decides to become a prostitute to live out her sexual desires.  This movie blends a lot of fantasy and reality, but unlike some other pretentious films, it is done in a non annoying way.

I sound like I absolutely love this film, but really, I didn't enjoy it too much.  I can certainly appreciate it and found it a lot more insightful and entertaining that 2 or 3 Things.  Still, I found a lot of the characters to be unsympathetic and annoying.  What was really holding Severine back?  I mean, I know society is holding her back blah blah blah whatever.  Characters that don't help themselves are the most annoying people to watch.

This film is gorgeous and Catherine Deneuve is always fascinating to watch.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

Bunuel himself didn't know what the ending meant.


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