Thursday, April 24, 2014

460. Playtime

Directed by Jacques Tati

I really thoughts the days of having to endure silent comedies were over (though quite a few of them were enjoyable, a lot of endurance was required to get through them all).  However, here we are presented with Jacques Tati's Playtime.  Although it is not a silent comedy, his hijinks certainly play out that way and it is actually quite a tiresome watch.

Monsieur Hulot (Jesus, is there a character I have missed less?), is back for another performance.  He plays a confused Frenchman who is unable to adapt to the modernity of Paris.  It is kind of like watching your grandparents struggle with new technology.  Mildly amusing, but there comes a point where you just what to yell at them since you feel like the task they are having trouble with couldn't be any simpler.

Simply not funny and I have no idea why Tati got three movies on The List.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

The failure of this film left Tati in debt for a decade.


  1. I have only seen Mon Oncle from Tati, thought is was mildy entertaining. Nothing that I would run out and hurry to watch again. This one sounds like the same thing.

    1. Yeah, they are all pretty much the same and take up precious space on The List!